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   Chapter 999 Another Challenge

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8978

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With the selection contest coming up in three days, Abraham led Ricky, Soar, Amelia, Amanda, and some other disciples of the Hong Clan to the Blood Spirit Ground.

Meanwhile, another known genius of the Hong Clan, Ablett Hong, had just come back from training as he was also planning to participate in the said contest.

Ablett Hong was an achiever in his craft. In fact, just in his late forties, he was already an ordinary demi-spiritual emperor at peak state.

For as long as Langston's mutant was present, the disciples did not feel the need to worry about the safety of the Hong Clan.

On the other hand, Ricky had asked Langston about the Sky-breaking Dome's movements. However, this only brought Langston confusion. Based on his understanding of the Chu Clan, Carney must have sent a message to the Sky-breaking Dome, and they should have already taken action.

But to their surprise, neither the Sky-breaking Dome nor the Chu Clan took action.

Langston informed Ricky that the two Dominant Top Elders of the Spirit Sect guessed that the middle spiritual emperors of the Sky-breaking Dome might be in seclusion, because they themselves usually cultivated in seclusion as well.

Hidden in the Blood Spirit Mountain, the Blood Spirit Ground was said to have been formed by themselves due to its one-of-a-kind environment.

Compared to the various bright and clear places, the Blood Spirit Ground was different from the rest due to the blood vitality, evil spirit, and the very pure ruling power it possessed. In fact, strong warriors both traditional and nonconforming ones, from diverse forces, had died in there.

Spreading throughout the entire Western Land, the Blood Spirit Mountain's atmosphere was calm, except when it touched the Spirit Sect's territory. Only in that region was its environment described as hellish by all warriors who had been there.

That was because the Blood Spirit Ground's entrance was located right in that area.

Meanwhile, in order to select the core disciples, the Spirit Sect proclaimed that anyone who was not going to participate in the said selection contest should leave the premises. Many dangers lurked in the Blood Spirit Ground. Because of this, only a few people were able to explore it.

This place was enveloped by an array. Regularly, two Dominant Top Elders of the Spirit Sect came there to monitor and make sure that everything was going as it should.

Suddenly, figures appeared one after another as the warriors who came to participate in the selection started to arrive.

This time, the selection contest was going to be held in the Blood Spirit Ground. According to the rules, only creatures less than one

ted that Ricky was a peerless genius. However, Ricky's appearance told them otherwise, as he looked more than a hundred and fifty years old.

"Sure enough, it is a cruel scheme of the members of the Chu Clan. It is obvious that they want to disgrace you and prevent you from participating in the selection contest. If this persists, then the Spirit Pool will fall into Carney's hands," Soar said indifferently.

"Ha-ha, in that case, then I will play with them in their little game. Let's wait and see who will be disgraced in the end. Game on," Ricky said with a sneer.

Soon after, he said to Carney telepathically, "I can't believe you! How could a genius of the Western Land do things this way? Or, did you do that only because you are not confident to defeat me in seizing the Spirit Pool?"

Ricky spat out harsh words to throw him off guard at the moment.

In truth, Ricky had not expected that Carney would do such a thing just to kick him out of the contest. After all, he thought that all Carney wanted was to have a fight with him in public, and win a victory in front of many people.

"I just want to achieve my goal by any means. You're killing the fun. If I can get what I want so easily, then what's the point of going through so much trouble?" Carney replied monotonously.

"As for you... After the selection contest, I will defeat you and kill you under the watchful eyes of the crowd!"

"Really? But it's a pity that things won't go on according to your plan. This would be fun. I can't wait to see how you will check my age," Ricky mocked.

"It seems that you are very confident with your plans. I hope you can keep the confidence until later. Otherwise, everything else will be so boring." Carney could not help but make fun of how confident Ricky was.

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