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   Chapter 997 The Advanced Spirit Level

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Ricky regulated his breath first in the Massacring Zone, and after he had adjusted his breath to its best state, he started to cultivate in casting. At that moment, five mutants appeared, five kinds of runes merged, and the chaotic power and five kinds of runic power were interacting continuously.

At this moment, the Chaotic Fire Mutant was dominating because fire was naturally the most important for casting. The Fire Dragon Extremity appeared and merged all the power in his body, and gradually, it reached its strongest form.

"Fire Dragon Extremity, let me see how you help in my casting practice!" Ricky said expectantly.

Taking out his furnace, Ricky poured the Fire Dragon Extremity into it, and then he took out all the casting materials that he had prepared in advance. He exerted all his concentration and effort, as he had to do his best in the following two months.

The process of casting was very difficult, and without any guidance, many casting geniuses made many mistakes even if they obtained the advanced inheritance. Ricky was different because the Chaos Manual had unique perceptions. It was very sophisticated and advanced, and it was as if many casting masters were guiding Ricky as long as he wanted.

Therefore, it was difficult for him to make a mistake in casting the Chaos Manual.

As he worked, he also took off his shirt and put away from his mind any distractions that he had, as he was prepared to make great efforts in casting.

When Tina saw Ricky's strong upper body, her face turned a bright crimson, but she activated her power to hide the flush on her face because she didn't want Ricky to see how much he affected her.

There was nothing in the world that she wanted to see the most besides Ricky casting in silence at this moment.

And from that moment forward, Ricky was just casting constantly. He was quite handy with casting, thanks to the cultivation method recorded in the Chaos Manual, and he made it a point to reach his limit, and he even pushed himself further so that he had more progress each time.

In this way, he made constant progress.

Another important point was the Fire Dragon Extremity, as it deserved to be the best flame in casting, and if the Fire Dragon Extremity was mixed with the nine types of sacred fire and peculiar fire, it could

ormal thing in the martial world. And if you had no talent, how could you ask people who didn't even know you, to treat you sincerely?

"Is there any news about the selection of the Spirit Sect?"

"Yes, it's big news!" Abraham suddenly perked up in excitement to deliver the surprising news.

"Oh? What is that?" Ricky asked curiously, an eyebrow raised in question. "The place of the selection has been changed, and the award rules have also been changed,"

Abraham readily answered. "In the past, each selection was carried out in the Small World of the Spirit Sect, but this time, the selection will be held in the Blood Spirit Ground of the Western Land,"

Abraham continued. "What? The Blood Spirit Ground!"

Amelia and Amanda exclaimed in chorus. Their eyes were filled with fear, and they couldn't help but step closer and seek comfort from each other.

Little tremors shook their hands minutely, and just the thought of that place was like ice poured in their veins.

"Yes! I didn't expect that it will be in the Blood Spirit Ground either. When the news came out, all the people in the Western Land were excited and shocked," Abraham said enthusiastically.

"Some timid disciples even gave up and refused to enter the selection.

Kenney, I have a feeling that this change in the Spirit Sect is because of you," Abraham said as he looked at Ricky intently.

"For me? Why would they do that?" Ricky shook his head in denial, as he thought that changing the selection place seemed to have no connection to him at all.

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