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   Chapter 996 Why Carney Suppressed His Own Breakthrough

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8174

Updated: 2020-05-18 00:12

After he heard this, Ricky didn't bother to say anything more, and he had to admit that he had underestimated the spiritual emperor's ability.

He removed the effect of the middle realm cultivation method until his true face was revealed.

"Transforming Realm! This kind of Omnipotent Skill cultivation method is amazing, right? If I didn't know it, I wouldn't have recognized it," Langston exclaimed when he finally saw Ricky's original face.

"You have a special insight. I think I should never have kept it from you from the very beginning!" Ricky murmured.

"It's fine since it's your business anyway. It is not a big deal for me that you hid your identity," Langston said as he shrugged. He was not angry that Ricky concealed his identity, and he appreciated that Ricky talked with him alone, so he could confide his secret.

"So, Chief Langston, can you tell me your thoughts now?" Ricky then asked nervously. His mind had already connected to the Massacring Zone, and at the same time, he was ready to release the Evil Mandragora from the Divine Manor.

"What do you think?" Langston smiled.

"There was a time when I would have guessed what was on a spiritual emperor's mind, but now I know that if I am not yet a spiritual emperor, I am not qualified to guess the thoughts of a spiritual emperor," Ricky said humbly, and he inclined his head a little so that he was bowing down slightly.

"Ha-ha! It seems that after I guessed your identity, you have become more prudent." Langston laughed heartily at his words, and then he continued, "But there is no need for that. I only guessed it because I know many things, but if I wasn't familiar with the Transforming Realm, or if I didn't know that Amelia had been to the Eastern Land to practice, I would never have guessed that. At best, I might have known that your middle realm facade was not real.

Although I, as a spiritual emperor, am connected with the heavenly law, my mind is still similar to that of mortals, and thus other people can observe what I am thinking. You can't be afraid of spiritual emperors just because of this matter.

Otherwise, those incredible demi-spiritual emperors will not exist in this world. Even if they are not spiritual emperors, they can still challenge or even suppress the emperors."

Ricky nodded pensively, as he was enlightened by Langston's words.

He knew that every creature understood a lot of things, but they were unwill


"Ha-ha! I see. Carney will also participate in this contest, right? I solemnly promise that I will defeat him there," Ricky replied with a smile.

"There is no doubt that Carney will participate in the contest, as he probably wants the reward, and of course, your life," Langston assured him. "I'm looking forward to watching you fight against him."

After Langston left, all the people of the Hong Clan were immersed in excitement.

At that moment, they looked at Ricky with overflowing respect and admiration.

The thought that he was too old for Amelia had been wiped clean from their minds.

And now, they thought that since he was a genius who was on par with Carney's strength, he deserved to get her. And the chief of the Spirit Sect also thought highly of him.

They reasoned that great minds mature slowly, especially in the martial world.

So in their eyes, Ricky had transformed into the kind of genius who gained great talent later in his life.

After a short conversation with Abraham, Ricky also started his cultivation, and this time, he planned to cultivate his casting skills and runes.

He had just reached the level of a second-class completed spiritual king, so it would not be good for him to break through again deliberately.

Therefore, he decided to cultivate his casting skills and runes. He cultivated the runes according to the Chaos Manual, and in this way, he could improve his realm invisibly, but this natural improvement would not affect his realm significantly.

Besides, he had turned his back on casting recently, so this was also an opportunity to get back to it.

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