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   Chapter 990 Langston's Appearance

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8356

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Calvin! It was Calvin Chu! This name, at that moment, resounded through the mind of every living being there.

There were other spiritual-emperor forces in the region besides the Spirit Sect and the Chu Clan.

But when the word spiritual emperor came to mind, Calvin would surely be the first one to be mentioned.

Apart from the two hidden middle grade spiritual emperors of the Spirit Sect, Calvin was the strongest lower grade spiritual emperor in the area, and even the chief of the Spirit Sect had admitted that he was not a match for Calvin in a life-and-death battle.

He was also considered a genius, as he became a spiritual emperor when he was less than a hundred years old, and among all the current spiritual emperors in the Western Land, no one could achieve that.

"The spiritual emperor of the Chu Clan has come!" Ricky said with surprise.

"What should we do, Ricky?" Tina asked and the worry was evident in her voice. "I have no choice but to let the Evil Mandragora take action,"

Ricky answered her promptly, although the hesitation could be seen in his actions. It seemed that they now had an enemy that he couldn't fight himself, and he hated that very much.

"Evil Mandragora, how long will it take for you to kill Calvin?" Ricky asked the Evil Mandragora, who had been cultivating and recovering in the Divine Manor for a long time.

"I have recovered a lot in the past few days, as I have been absorbing the divine energy, and I am now very close to my peak state. Although this Calvin is the most powerful among the lower grade spiritual emperors, I can still kill him without much effort!" The Evil Mandragora spoke confidently at first, but suddenly, her voice was softened by hesitation, as she said, "The two middle grade spiritual emperors of the Spirit Sect can't come to help within five moves, but..."

"But what?" Ricky asked, slightly alarmed that she was hesitating.

"But there is another spiritual emperor here who is on par with Calvin. If they work together, they could bid for time and wait until the two middle grade spiritual emperors of the Spirit Sect come and help," she explained, and as soon as Ricky heard this, he subtly looked around and observed the people around them.

'What? There is another spiritual emperor here? Are they going to do something to the Hong Clan today?' Ricky wondered pensively, a little bit annoyed that he had not detected the strong threat earlier.

"Evil Mandragora, you'd better make your move. Howev

help but gossip with each other.

Langston was a person of the most exalted rank in the area of the Spirit Sect, and he was always cultivating in seclusion inside the Spirit Sect. So why was he here today?

"Do you think it's possible that Langston is interested in Kenney's talent?" one of the creatures said through telepathy. "After all, the Spirit Sect has always been looking for a genius who can fight against Carney."

"That must be true. People of the Spirit Sect are everywhere throughout the whole Spirit Sect area, so someone must have reported to Langston what was happening here.

That's why he came."

"Calvin, long time no see. I wonder why your Chu Clan is here in full-force today," Langston remarked with faked indifference.

"This involves matters of the Chu Clan, so naturally I need to be here," Calvin replied lightly with a sharp glint in his eyes. "How about you, Langston? I didn't expect that you would come here either. Why are you here?"

"Ha-ha, of course, I also have something important to do here." Langston laughed loudly, as a small smirk played across his face.

"Well, I'm all ears for your explanation!" Calvin's face was marred by a deep frown, as he was incensed even more by Langston's mocking laughter. It irritated him that Langston was acting indifferent when he knew that he came here just to ruin his plans.

And he knew what exactly Langston was planning, and why he felt the need to come out today.

"Ha-ha, my disciple sent a message to tell me that a peerless genius has appeared here. I just had to come and see for myself!" Langston said innocently as if he had no idea what was going on here.

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