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   Chapter 989 Calvin's Appearance

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 9311

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"Kenney has been defeated!"

all the warriors sighed as they were caught by surprise. They all knew that if Ricky was defeated, then he would die. However, if Carney was defeated, he wouldn't, because the Chu Clan was there to back him up whenever he needed help.

"Father, please save Kenney!" Amelia said to Abraham telepathically.

"I understand!" Abraham said, nodding his head.

Without hesitation, Abraham, together with a strong demi-spiritual emperor of the Hong Clan, was about to stand up from their seats to come to Ricky's aid. Considering that a powerful demi-spiritual emperor of the Chu Clan had accompanied Carney, the Hong Clan should also have two powerful demi-spiritual emperors to fight against them. Otherwise, they would not be able to save Ricky from his impending death.

"Chief Abraham, I haven't lost yet. You are just scratching the surface. Wait until I unleash my devastating skills." Ricky contacted Abraham telepathically. "Even if I lose, I'm sure that Carney can't kill me. Sit back and relax; there's no need for you to help me at this point.

Moreover, the Hong Clan will look bad if you are the first to take action. If that happens, the Chu Clan will have more excuses to fight you. All I'm afraid of is that the Hong Clan would be annihilated by the Chu Clan even before you see the powerful warriors of the Spirit Sect."

"But you..." Abraham's eyes widened. He hesitated to follow the plan as he had grown concerned about Ricky's safety.

"Don't worry. I know what I am doing and I won't put my own life at risk," Ricky reiterated.

Meanwhile, he shot Carney a glance and began to sigh in his heart, 'This guy is a genius! I guess that he is even a peerless genius. His fire and mutant are really awesome.'

During the fight, Ricky had to admit that he was already losing. As a matter of fact, there was a serious gap between his and Carney's strength because Carney had almost faintly surpassed the strength of an ordinary demi-spiritual emperor.

"This is unexpected. I didn't expect you to have such a pair of powerful eyes!" Carney remarked after stabilizing his body. Although it was just for a quick second, he had already presumed that Ricky's eyes were responsible for the increase in his power.

Moreover, Carney also came to realize that he was envious of everything that Ricky had.

As far as he could remember, he had never been greedy over anything that he didn't have, because nobody else had anything worthy to be envious about. Instead, it was the other way around—people were envious of what Carney had. But the tables had turned now for he was the one who wanted something that belonged to Ricky.

Regardless, he grinned from ear to ear. Now that he had defeated Ricky, Carney was sure to get what Ricky h

ven the case, the Chu Clan would most probably crush and exterminate the Hong Clan bluntly. Even if they chose to surrender to the Spirit Sect, it would already be too late.

"Wanton, kill him for my sake!" Carney ordered the strong demi-spiritual emperor that had accompanied him in an angry voice. Given that the breakthrough was close at hand, he could not restrain himself any longer.

At that moment, Carney had no other choice but to prepare for the breakthrough.

"Just as I expected, they are indeed starting to kill. It seems that it's not easy to solve the problem today," Ricky said in a serious tone.

But as soon as Wanton stood out, Abraham stopped him. Soon after, a fight happened in which Wanton threatened the Hong Clan.

"Ugh, what should I do now?" Ricky mumbled to himself as he felt a little anxious.

As his anxiety punched him in the gut, he caught sight of Carney who was sitting cross-legged. In an instant, killing intent seemed to have filled his mind and soul.

'Although I don't want to take advantage of others' perilous state, it doesn't mean that I will never do that. Today, I have no choice but to kill Carney before he kills me. Then, I will let the Evil Mandragora kill the spiritual emperors of the Chu Clan as swiftly as possible. If that all works out, then we'll have to run away and never look back!' Ricky thought to himself.

Moreover, he planned to do so.

Meanwhile, the void beside Carney began to twist, and a bearded man in a red robe appeared. As soon as he landed his feet on the ground, the bearded man did not hesitate and used his power to help Carney.

However, his help wasn't for Carney to make a breakthrough, but rather to help him restrain his realm.

"That...That is the chief of the Chu Clan—Calvin!" the warriors around all stammered as they saw Calvin right in the flesh.

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