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   Chapter 987 Carney's Attack

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8291

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At that moment, the void transformed into a vast inferno that was filled with fire and lava. Only a warrior that was at least at the level of a lower grade demi-spiritual emperor could escape with his life.

In this environment, two figures were surrounded by the raging flames, standing in front of each other. They had burst out their raging powers, and no one dared to approach them at all.

The fierce collision lasted for a long time before it ended with the two men lying broken on the ground.

Both of them coughed and spat blood, as they knelt heavily on the ground, and their faces were both ashen and dust-streaked.

"What kind of power is this? It can even withstand my heavenly power!" Carney muttered sullenly. He wiped the blood off his mouth and stood up, limping until he found his footing.

"What kind of power is that? It looks like the heavenly power, but it's not the heavenly power at all. It seems to be a kind of space power!" The warriors that were watching them gasped in shock, their eyes wide in disbelief at what they had just witnessed.

"It is the void power that is comparable to your heavenly power!" Ricky stated, grinning with his teeth all bloody.

"Did the void devour the heavenly power? No wonder you can resist my attack!" Carney said in amazement, but he quickly remembered who he was talking to and frowned petulantly.

"Oh, that is the void power! It has the incredible attribute of the heavenly law while also harnessing the strong power of space!" the warriors remarked in admiration, and they gave Ricky looks filled with awe as well.

After all, it was more difficult to comprehend the void power than space power.

"He is such an ace genius. He owns a powerful Flame Mutant, cultivates the void power, and dares to challenge anyone, even those of a superior level. Who on earth is him? Where does he come from? How could someone so talented remain so unknown? How did the Hong Clan come by talent such as his?" The warriors asked each other, while some thought these questions in silence. But there was no doubt that they were all wondering about the same thing.

"You will die today!"

Carney snarled as he rushed towards Ricky again without any hesitation. His eyes were bright with keen interest and greed, as he craved for Ricky's cultivation and power, and he was greatly driven by this greed to kill Ricky so that he could he obtain all that he wanted. He was threatened because Ricky could grow to be

antoms, as he had thought at first.

However, they became puppets and fighting tools under the control of Carney's Heavenly Fire Mutant.

Ricky could sense that they must have been talented warriors with Flame Mutants before their death. They were probably defeated by Carney and transformed into these mindless versions of themselves.

'This reminds me of array puppet masters, although these are much more brilliant, arcane, and profound than the methods used by the array puppet masters, ' he thought seriously, as he observed their movements.

"Ricky, I'm afraid that those giants are extremely powerful!" Tina said, and her voice was shaky with worry.

"They were once six geniuses who all owned powerful Flame Mutants, but Carney killed them and integrated them into his Heavenly Fire Mutant."

"Now that you have the Chaotic Fire Mutant, you should be aware that these six people were all geniuses as well. Just like them, you will be killed by me, and your Chaotic Fire Mutant will become my seventh ball of Heavenly Fire,"

Carney said cruelly, as he gave Ricky a wicked smile. Greed filled his heart and overflowed in his soul, so much so that it showed in his eyes, but then, he had no intention of trying to conceal it anyway. He was more taken by the thought of how each additional Heavenly Fire could greatly improve his talent and power.

He didn't have a seven-star spiritual meridian until he killed those six talents and transformed them into his heavenly power.

That was another incredible character of his Heavenly Fire Mutant.

And it was also the reason why his Heavenly Power was so breathtakingly incredible.

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