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   Chapter 985 Murderous Intent

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Ricky was pushed farther by the impact, which implied he was relatively weaker than Carney. The truth, however, was that people in the surroundings did feel that Ricky was emitting the power which was comparable to a demi-spiritual emperor's.

This battle demonstrated the extent of Ricky's strength.

They could tell that he hadn't become a demi-spiritual emperor yet and that the power he released was not incomplete ruling power. All these indicated that he had burst out the power of a demi-spiritual emperor when he was just a completed spiritual king.

'He is a genius who can challenge someone stronger than him!' The people that had gathered around them admired Ricky from afar, as they thought that only someone really brave could do that.

At that moment, all of them changed their views on Ricky. They had looked down upon him before, and some had even resented him, but now they grew to respect him because he could defeat someone stronger than him and this was something that they could not achieve.

"It seems that all of us are wrong. He is not an overconfident man, nor did he do this out of his sense of justice. The truth is that he really has enough strength and talent!"

"All of us spoke out of turn. We didn't know what we were talking about!"

"I can say that he is as much a genius as Carney!"

"Yeah, maybe he is a late bloomer, or perhaps he just looks old for his age?"

"He can challenge someone who is at a higher level than him! There is no wonder he could easily defeat Curran who is close to a demi-spiritual emperor." The people around them were abuzz with their opinions and praises for Ricky. Abraham sighed and said, "He has the mutant, and he is even able to challenge someone stronger than him. It seems that we made the right choice when we put our trust in him." "Ha-ha! Chief, it seems that you will have a good son-in-law in the future." Almost all the other demi-spiritual emperors of the Hong Clan sent this message to Abraham with their internal powers and congratulated him for choosing well.

They were very happy that such a genius would soon become a member of the Hong Clan.

Moreover, at that moment, they were more confident that Ricky would become the core disciple of the Spirit Sect since he had shown that he could challenge those stronger than him, even a demi-spiritual emperor like Carney, all while he was a completed spiritual king. It further proved that Ricky was not as simple as he appeared to be.

The Spirit Sect had always wanted another geni

In a word, after careful consideration, Carney had made up his mind to kill Ricky here.

"Qualification? You can only qualify after you defeat me!" Carney replied bluntly.

His aura had reached its limit as the Heavenly Fire burnt. Now, everyone could feel that although Carney's realm was still an ordinary demi-spiritual emperor, the power that he was releasing had already reached that of a lower grade demi-spiritual emperor.

This kind of feeling was especially true when he had released the Heavenly Fire Mutant.

Carney launched another strike as soon as he finished speaking. He grabbed another cloud of Heavenly Fire with his left hand and transformed it into the shape of an arrow, which he held in both hands, as he rushed toward Ricky.

"No flame mutant has ever been able to escape from my Heavenly Fire Mutant. Did you see the six clouds of Heavenly Fire on my body? They are formed after my Heavenly Fire Mutant devoured six owners of flame mutants.

And today, you will become the seventh cloud of my Heavenly Fire!"

"Are you sure you want to fight me seriously?" Ricky asked coldly.

He didn't expect that Carney would be foolish enough to challenge him in a life-and-death battle right then and there.

Of course, Carney was only confident because he was sure that he wouldn't die, no matter what happened. Even if he lost, there was a powerful demi-spiritual emperor behind him, who would surely rescue him.

With this strong back-up, he didn't fear anything.

"I never hold myself back in battle, and every fight I participate in becomes a life-and-death battle," Carney replied lightly. The arrow in his hands began to throb and transform.

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