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   Chapter 976 The Hong Clan

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"Both the Hong Clan and the Chu Clan live under the rule of the Spirit Sect, one of the five major forces," Hugh explained.

"There are seven steps to cultivate the Fire Transforming Formula, and there should be four years between each step. That means, after finishing one step, Carney needs to wait four years before he can continue to the next step. Now, there are still four months left before his next cultivation.

We have two and a half months before the Spirit Sect will conduct their selection competition, and those who rank in the top ten would be recognized as core disciples of the Spirit Sect.

And there is no doubt that they will exert a lot of effort to train those core disciples.

The Chu Clan will be extremely cautious of the Spirit Sect since even though Carney is a genius, he isn't strong enough to protect his clan. In contrast, the Spirit Sect has two middle spiritual emperors who can help the core disciples grow more quickly."

"Okay, I think I understand," Ricky said, nodding. "However, I think Carney will take part in the competition as well since he is qualified to be in the top ten. Didn't he also receive appreciation from the emperors of the Spirit Sect?"

"Ricky, if Carney is only a genius from the demi-spiritual emperor force, he will certainly be appreciated by the Spirit Sect.

But he also is actually from a spiritual-emperor force, and once he becomes strong enough, the Chu Clan is very likely to replace the Spirit Sect to be the new ruler. So, how would the emperors of the Spirit Sect appreciate him? No matter what they give to him, his loyalty to the Chu Clan will never waver,"

Hugh said as he shook his head. He couldn't blame Ricky for not immediately seeing the implications, as it was quite political in nature.

"That's also the reason why the Spirit Sect decided to hold the selection competition. They want to select and cultivate a disciple that can rival Carney. Or else, after twenty or thirty years, Carney will govern the whole Western Land."

"Is there anyone in the Spirit Sect that can fight against Carney?" Ricky asked doubtfully.

"Yes, but in the future, no one will stand a chance against him. The Spirit Sect plans to select someone who can be his equal, instead of doing something devious to hurt Carney. Thus, I think the Spirit Sect can be regarded as a decent faction."

"Oh, I see. Now I get it." Ricky nodded, his face brightening with sudden clarity.


of a big mountain that overshadowed the city.

A grave atmosphere had shrouded the Hong Clan like a shadow for almost two years.

The Chu Clan was like a mountain that suppressed them under its looming presence, and it was because of this situation that Amelia became the Hong Clan's hope for revitalization.

But today, the atmosphere was even much graver, especially in the cultivation square of the Hong Clan. All the disciples of the Hong Clan were furiously staring at the central arena.

Disciples of the Hong Clan were scattered around the arena. Some of them were completed spiritual kings, but they stumbled like young colts, as they tried to get up from the ground. Their robes were ragged, and their bodies were battered and broken.

Behind the arena, several young men in red sneered down at those disciples dismissively.

Meanwhile, on top of a distant building, a few middle-aged men and old men stared at that scene, with their fists tightly clutched. The fingernails on their fingers sank deep into the flesh of their palms, making crescent-shaped wounds that bled lightly. They wanted to help their disciples, but the battles were between the juniors alone.

In the middle of the arena stood a young man in a red robe with long crimson hair. His mouth was turned up into a disdainful smile, as his eyes scanned around the disciples of the Hong Clan that were present. He eyed them with scorn.

Then, the young man said indifferently, "Well, is there anyone else who wants to join this battle on behalf of the Hong Clan? I, Curran, allow you five, so-called completed spiritual kings, to attack me together!"

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