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   Chapter 975 About Amelia

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"So, this is the Western Land. I can feel that the spiritual energy emitted by heaven and earth is much denser here than in the Eastern Land," Ricky exclaimed as he felt the difference in the spiritual energy from the two places he had been to.

With the use of his five zones, he was able to sense that the Western Land was wealthier in terms of spiritual energy of heaven and earth. It was probable that there were many spiritual emperors residing in the Western Land, with many middle spiritual emperors among them.

"Ricky, you're right about this place. The Western Land has the densest and purest spiritual energy of heaven and earth among the four major lands. Therefore, it is the most powerful place among the four major lands when it comes to overall strength," said Hugh excitedly.

"Perhaps this could be because the Western Land has less been invaded by the devils recently."

"In that case, there must be many middle spiritual emperors left in the Western Land, right?" Ricky muttered.

"That's for sure. It is said that the leaders of the five strongest forces in the Western Land are all middle spiritual emperors," Hugh replied. "Moreover, those five forces have divided the Western Land into five regions and they control the Western Land together. Rumor has it that with their leadership, no creature dares to disobey them."

"Oh, I see," Ricky said as he nodded.

Soon after, Ricky shifted his gaze to Amanda and said in a gentle voice, "Amanda, would you like to tell me how I can help Amelia?"

"Of course. I guess now is the perfect time to tell you," Amanda answered back with a smile.

Coming from a powerful force at the Demi-emperor Level, both Amanda and Amelia hailed from the Hong Clan.

The Hong Clan had spiritual emperors from the past generations. Thus, the clan's blood power was at the Emperor Level. On the other hand, the clan's blood power—the Rainwater blood power—was a bloodline blessed with the water element.

Given that Amelia possessed the Rainwater Mutant, she had an in-depth awakening of this blood power. With this, the clan was expecting her to become a spiritual emperor in the future.

Of course, this was of great importance to the Hong Clan. As soon as Amelia became a spiritual emperor, the clan would be automatically become a spiritual-emperor force, granting them a place in the Western Land.

However, no matter how great the opportunities were for Amelia because of the Rainwater Mutant, it also caused her a lot of trouble.

Meanwhile, there was a spiritual emperor force in the region where the Hong Clan was located—the Chu Clan. It was said that this clan controlled seven demi-spiritual emperor forces, which included the Hong Clan.

The Chu Clan had a son, Carney Chu, who was born with the Heavenly Fire

t they had suggested. Once the Evil Mandragora took action, she would surely not be able to escape her doom because of the middle spiritual emperors.

"Don't be joking, Pearl. If we do that, then I guess that none of us can escape," Ricky said as he shrugged his shoulders.

Pearl didn't dare say anything about Ricky's words. After all, she knew that there was some truth in what he said.

"Ha-ha, I think someone is jealous," Soar teased.

But he stopped pestering as soon as he saw Pearl cast him a cold glare.

"Yes, Ricky is right. If the Evil Mandragora fights against the Chu Clan, then I'm afraid that all of us will be the common target of all the forces in the Western Land. We will be doomed if that happens," Amanda said with blushed cheeks, embarrassed.

Figuring out Pearl's jealousy, Amanda was sure that she could not blame her at all. After all, she thought that it was natural for every woman to be jealous in this situation.

"Amanda, since you asked me to come here, I believe that you had already come up with a way to solve the problem. I hope you do, because she asked me to make that promise to her," Ricky reminded her.

"Ha-ha, Ricky, you are really keen to have realized this," Hugh said with a laugh.

"Well, it seems that you have already figured it out. Please tell me all about it!" Ricky asked curiously.

"Ricky, the plan that we have come up with can not only help Amelia get rid of the Chu Clan, but also provide you with an opportunity to improve yourself," explained Hugh.

"Of course, this involves something that you might find hard to do. But in my opinion, you should not complain about it but instead accept it happily."

"Are you sure about this? Well, that doesn't sound pretty bad! What are you waiting for? Spill the details," Ricky asked enthusiastically upon hearing Hugh's excited words.

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