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   Chapter 971 Obtaining The Opportunity

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8791

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Generally speaking, besides the primitive power, there was no other power stronger than the chaotic power in nature. But at that moment, the Dragon Intent Grass began to doubt its thoughts because of the chromatic energy.

As a Dragon Intent Grass, it had been refined by the Great Dragon's blood essence and at least seventy percent of Intent Apperception, so it was also under the heavenly laws. Thus, its senses had never been wrong.

But how was this possible? It didn't know of any other power that could be stronger than the chaotic power.

It was also sure that the chromatic energy was not the same as the primitive power, because the primitive power was one kind of the first power, similar to the chaotic power which should be colored gray-white or black and white.

And besides, there was real primitive power in the chaos, and according to the records left by some holy beings, the chaotic power was mostly black and white.

Astonishingly, it couldn't sense any extreme chaos, which was typically found in primitive power, from the chromatic energy.

On the contrary, it could faintly feel the existence of order in the chromatic energy.

"Boy, where did your chromatic energy come from?" the Dragon Intent Grass asked aggressively. At this moment, it was even more shocked than it would have been if Ricky had cultivated the primitive power.

"Dragon Intent Grass, you're shocked, aren't you? I can't tell you where it came from because that is a secret," Ricky said with a faint smile. "But I can remind you that I will tell you everything if you surrender to me forever."

Meanwhile, Stuart saw that Ricky had casually sent a punch this way, so he thought that he was being underestimated. He had felt annoyed at first, but when he studied Ricky's attack carefully, he also felt that the chromatic energy it contained was extremely powerful.

He realized that Ricky wasn't treating him like a fool. On the contrary, Ricky had burst out his strongest power because he respected him and treated him like a good rival. He just didn't condense a move with it.

"How many kinds of power has he cultivated?" Stuart marveled in astonishment, a surprised expression on his face.

Even so, the battle hadn't ended yet, and he didn't want to lose either.

He swiftly integrated himself into his masculine sword and gave all his strength to attack Ricky. At the same time, Ricky also turned his entire body into the Chaotic Chromatic Fist and dashed toward Stuart.

The two men's confrontation created deafening noises, and the result of their battle was finally at hand. This attack would decide who wou

o these Flood Dragons, although one of them was an ace genius.

"Since you insist, Stuart, Bruce, then I am honored to accept. But since we are friends now, I can't let you go back empty-handed.

The opportunity here involves the inherited cultivation methods and the dead bodies of the Flood Dragons. The dead bodies of the Flood Dragons are of great use to me, so I'm going to take them. You can take their inherited cultivation methods and Omnipotent Skills."

Stuart, Bruce, and Bella gasped in surprise and were quite dumbstruck from Ricky's words.

They were not only surprised by Ricky's willingness to share the opportunity with them, but also by Ricky's distribution plan because the inherited cultivation methods and Omnipotent Skills of the Flood Dragons were far more valuable than their dead bodies in their minds.

Once the Flood Dragons' dead bodies were consumed, they would no longer exist, but the cultivation methods and Omnipotent Skills could be used permanently, as long as they successfully cultivated it.

"Kenney, we are a little confused. Even if you are to share the opportunity with us, it's better if you took the inherited cultivation methods and Omnipotent Skills for yourself, right?" Stuart asked frankly.

"Rest assured, guys. I'm not inconveniencing myself. For me, the dead bodies of the Flood Dragons are more useful than the cultivation methods and the Omnipotent Skills," Ricky answered with a smile.

"Ha-ha, I see. A genius like you, who have already cultivated the chaotic power, will never be interested in the inherited cultivation methods of Flood Dragons. Maybe those of a Great Dragon's could draw your attention. Ha-ha!" Bruce said teasingly, and their boisterous laughter filled the cave.

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