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   Chapter 969 Fighting Stuart

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"Ricky, why did you say you're confident? Is it because you plan to reveal your chaotic power?" Tina asked with worry evident in her voice.

"You know that you can't burst out the chaotic power unless you show all five mutants of yours, but once you use all the five mutants, your identity will be exposed. The Chaotic Fire Omnipotent Skill you have just comprehended isn't enough to defeat Stuart though.

He seems even more formidable than Bruce, and his masculine power is stronger and more profound than Bruce's."

"Tina, the Chaotic Fire Omnipotent Skill isn't the only skill that I have comprehended," Ricky said quietly, but he sounded even more confident than normal, which confused Tina more.

"Did you comprehended another Omnipotent Skill?" Tina asked, as her eyes widened in surprise. She wondered when Ricky found the time to comprehend this trump card that he was hiding.

"Tina, it isn't easy to comprehend an Omnipotent Skill. The right mind, the right timing, the right place, and an extreme situation are all needed. Without any of those, it's impossible to comprehend an Omnipotent Skill. When I comprehended the Furnace of Heaven and Earth just now, I saw it with my Golden Spirit Eyes. This experience enlightened me and improved my comprehension of all the zones,"

Ricky said. Tina was further intrigued by his explanations, so she couldn't help but ask more questions.

"What do you mean? You saw the zones in your body with your Golden Spirit Eyes?" Tina asked, and Ricky enthusiastically nodded in response.

"That's right. I used my Golden Spirit Eyes to observe the zones in my body, and I found something deeper. Now, I have a better understanding of the zones because of that. Since I have a deeper understanding now, I don't have to burst out all five of my mutants. This time, I only need to use one of them, and I can rapidly activate the chaotic power with the help of other kinds of runes. In this way, I can use the chaotic power without revealing all five mutants,"

Ricky further revealed, sounding proud and excited about his discovery.

"Oh, I see. It seems that your Golden Spirit Eyes can interact with the zones in your body, which makes them more effective, and you can achieve even more!" The excitement in Ricky's tone passed on to Tina easily.

She was genuinely happy for his success at that moment, and she couldn't suppress the bright grin on her face.

After all, this new finding could mean the difference between victory and defeat in their battle with Stuart.

"Kenney, we appreciate your offer. Even if you lose to me now, you may still get half of the opportunity here. After all, you have already won against two of us," Stuar

ted you," Stuart said solemnly.

At that moment, the confidence that he had vanished and was replaced by fear and hesitance. It was an indication of just how much he respected the chaotic power.

It wasn't until then that they finally understood why Ricky was able to defeat Hyatt and Aaron.

"Kenney, you are truly an ace genius. We have seen geniuses who had also comprehended the chaotic power in the Middle Land. They were also ace geniuses," said Bruce seriously from where he was standing at the side. His face also showed astonishment, and he realized now that his earlier instincts were proven true. Ricky would be a good friend, but he was also a very dangerous enemy.

'So there are other ace geniuses who have also comprehended the chaotic power. I wonder how I will compete with those geniuses if I meet them in the future. Which chaotic power would win out in the end?' Ricky thought with excitement. He was no doubt pleased by the idea of more powerful people that he could fight.

"I didn't know you've been to the Middle Land," Ricky remarked curiously.

"No, I haven't. I just benefit from my friendship with Stuart, including my cultivation of the masculine power," Bruce said at once.

"Stuart comes from the Middle Land?"

"Yeah!" Stuart answered, nodding his head.

"I'm looking forward to going to the Middle Land!" Ricky said cheerfully.

"I can take you to the Middle Land if you want. With your talent, there's no doubt that you will gain a great reputation there too," Stuart said, inviting Ricky sincerely.

"Ha-ha, okay! Let's talk more about that later. Now, let me see how powerful your forty percent of the masculine power is!" Ricky challenged Stuart with a smile, as both of his hands gestured wide open as if to welcome all of Stuart's attacks.

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