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   Chapter 968 They Were Both Confident

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7844

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At that moment, the flames on Ricky's body had almost turned into lava. Pure red hot lava surged up from behind him, like a phantom of furnace. It was not completely solid, but it still exuded of extremely powerful energy.

It was much more powerful compared to the fusion of the Fire Dragon Extremity under the Chaotic Fire Mutant and the nine flames.

Ricky put all his infernal power into the furnace.

With the help of Golden Spirit Eyes, he was able to send the furnace towards his opponent.

"How can it be possible? Why was he able to increase his power in such a short amount of time? The lava-like flames do not seem to be suppressed by the Masculine Power any longer. From I know, the Fire Dragon Extremity, the most extreme form of fire, will be more or less suppressed by the Masculine Power! But the current situation..." Stuart muttered in a deep voice as he looked on at Ricky's outburst.

He was starting to feel uncertain about whether Bruce could win the game or not.

Bruce felt great pressure all of a sudden. It seemed like Ricky's flames of lava would be able to restrain his masculine power.

"What kind of flame is this? Even equipped with the sacred fire, it is impossible for him to release such a great burst of power," Bruce nervously said, his eyebrows furrowing in apprehension.

However, he had no time to think of a counterattack other than to concentrate all his strength on his spear and shield, otherwise he would really fail.

Boom! The furnace with red flames and the Masculine Spear with white heat collided with one another. As the two came into collision, a violent storm of flames ignited and swept in all directions.

The Masculine Spear pierced the furnace as the furnace tried to suppress it.

The lava flame and the masculine power were at a stalemate.

"Has this guy learned a new skill? What's going on with his flame of furnace? It's not a sacred fire, not a peculiar fire, nor is it an extreme flame. Why isn't it afraid of the suppression of the masculine power?" The Dragon Intent Grass was also astonished.

The grass was so stunned to the point that it felt numb.

"You called yourself the Furnace of Heaven and Earth, right?

Then help me suppress this so-called masculine power. Let's beat him!" Ricky was burning with the utmost desire to win—it was all that he want

uld take advantage of other people.

I'll fight against you next, Stuart. If I win, the chance belongs to me; if I lose, you guys can take it."

"Boy, you're courting death. Stuart must be much stronger than Bruce," the Dragon Intent Grass warned. It thought that Ricky should not pay attention to moral principles at this point.

"I'm confident. Just trust me," Ricky replied.

They all fell silent, taken aback by Ricky's words.

They were not expecting Ricky to make such a request that was so obviously against his favor. It was known to all that there were three Flood Dragon bodies in front of him. Any ordinary warrior would have been excited to obtain this fruit of victory from the battle.

Everyone was uncertain about Ricky's demand.

At that moment, their admiration for Ricky increased even more, whether they were aware of it or not. They could see there were no ulterior motives behind his request, only pure determination.

'I can't believe he really made that condition!' Bella commented inwardly and couldn't believe her ears. Somehow, her attitude towards Ricky had changed.

"Stuart, we seem to have had the right judgment. He is definitely a person who is worth being friends with," Bruce uttered using his mind voice.

"Ha-ha! If that wasn't the case, we wouldn't have proposed to fight against him one by one," Stuart replied.

"But he still cannot actually compete with me on this. The furnace flames is his strongest trump card. I think I can still manage to break it."

Stuart looked ahead, extremely confident.

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