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   Chapter 966 Masculine Power, The Invincible Opponent Of Flames

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'I didn't think I would face the masculine power here. Since it's one of the oldest types of power in the world, it seems very profound. It's not surprising that it feels mysterious, and it must be the cause of Bruce's enigmatic quality, ' Ricky thought to himself.

Despite his shock, Ricky's fighting spirit was increasing. Excitement livened his veins as he thought of fighting a genius who cultivated the masculine power.

"Bruce, if I'm not mistaken, the power you are cultivating is the masculine power, right?" Ricky asked straightforwardly then.

"Yes, you are right, Kenney. It is, indeed, the masculine power, but it's still far from the real masculine power," Bruce said, nodding his head. "If the real masculine power is one hundred percent, I have only cultivated thirty percent at the most."

"In my opinion, that's nothing to sneeze at! I believe that you're capable of cultivating the purest masculine power sooner or later," Ricky said with a warm smile. "Now, show me how strong your masculine power is!"

"Ha-ha, I also hope so. Let's get started!" Bruce answered, and as he spoke, his masculine power surged once again.

He intended to take Ricky seriously, as he had already seen his considerable strength earlier.

Surrounded by the masculine runes, the white masculine power pervaded, and its temperature climbed higher and higher. The masculine power and roaring flame had some similarities, and this was one of them.

Both of the two were fire-related and born from flames, but the difference was that masculine power was more advanced than flame power.

For a flame-based power to hurt anyone, it needed to have contact with its target, and it couldn't severely injure the opponent unless it was burnt directly on the body.

The masculine power, however, could be used to injure the opponent without contact with the opponent's body. Thus, it was more long-ranged than a flame-power attack.

This was because of the masculine power's focus—the masculine light. Masculine light bore the power of heat, and it could be condensed into something fast, overwhelming, and deeply painful. The more light there was, the faster the heat could spread, and thus, the worse injuries could be inflicted.

And now that Ricky was facing Bruce, he needed to be constantly alert and wholly focused on the battle since he couldn't use his five mutants, the chaotic power, and the third level of Ultimate Golden Body.


Bruce didn't hesitate. His black pupils turned white, as the masculine power around him gave off vivid light that shone fiercely. While the light was shining, the temperature increased gradually, and steam and smok

surprise at Ricky's move. But he easily recovered and gathered all the masculine power from his entire body without hesitation. He shrouded himself in it, like a chain-mail armor.

"Masculine Rule! Masculine Shield!"

This Masculine Rule was composed of the incomplete ruling power.

Scorching white masculine power shone vividly in the place, and its light was as blinding as the sun, as it condensed into a protective shield for Bruce.

Boom! The deafening sound of two powerful forces colliding rang through the air instantly. Bright orange light and white light combined, as Ricky's flaming fist slammed on the Masculine Shield.

The collision between the flame and the masculine power was so fierce that the whole cave shook. Glowing airwaves instantly swept around from the center of collision and formed ripples that dashed all over.

Standing aside, Bella couldn't stand the strong impact and was almost thrown back. Thankfully, Stuart appeared beside her just in time to steady her.

At this moment, the power on the Masculine Shield was rapidly condensed and wrapped around Ricky's flaming fist. Bruce quickly condensed the suppressive force of the masculine power over the flame to force Ricky to withdraw his Chaotic Fire Mutant.

Under such strong suppressive force, Ricky's flaming fist slowly turned back into blood and flesh, the chaotic fire receding.

"He concentrated all the suppressive force of the masculine power on my right fist?" Ricky murmured in a low, surprised voice, as it was the last thing that he expected from Bruce.

Then, without any hesitation, he drew out his right fist and quickly jumped away from Bruce.

As soon as he retreated, the Masculine Shield quickly changed and condensed into an attack, rushing toward Ricky.

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