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   Chapter 965 Confronting The Masculine Power

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Meanwhile, both Bruce and Stuart witnessed how Ricky fell into Bella's flirtatious trap. They never imagined that deceiving Ricky would be that easy.

Since he was caught all too quickly, they both thought that he could just be pretending.

At the thought of this, they immediately contacted Belly telepathically to warn her, but it seemed a little late for it.

'I got you now, ' Bella thought as soon as she caught Ricky. Now, she could take a step back from being vigilant. Soon after, she brandished her sword towards Ricky, but Ricky was quick as he immediately took action. At that moment, his once blurred eyes had turned into bright gold, which defeated Bella's flirtatious trap.

In the blink of an eye, Ricky used the Space-shrinking Pace and teleported behind Bella.

Shocked, Bella had not expected this to happen, nor was she able to see what he had done. She didn't know what was happening until Ricky grabbed her by the neck and squeezed her shoulders very tightly.

Bella felt nothing but panic swarm her veins at that moment. How she wished that everything was just a dream.

At that moment, her mind was blank as she could not imagine what was going on.

Meanwhile, Bruce and Stuart were upset upon seeing this. In fact, Ricky falling into Bella's trap was out of their expectation, but they had never expected that the situation would change so drastically in an instant.

"I can feel some extraordinary power from his eyes," Stuart said thoughtfully as he took a good look at Ricky.

"His pace is unstoppable. It's like he's using some kind of Omnipotent Skill to move so fast," said Bruce heavenly.

At that moment, they understood that Ricky was not a simple opponent after all. In fact, they could not imagine how they would resist Ricky's attacks and pace if they were in Bella's shoes.

Ricky held Bella in his arms and put his face too close to hers that she could already feel his heat. Then, with a wicked smile, he said, "Bella, there is no doubt that I am mesmerized by your glowing beauty. Don't you think so?"

As he spoke, he took a deep breath to sniff Bella's scent, as if he were a heinous and lustful man.

But Bella was not at all flattered by what he said; instead, she got frightened. Horrified, she screamed loudly, "You bastard! What do you want from me? How could you be so shameless!"

She wanted to resist Ricky's tight grip but failed to do so because of how tight he held her shoulders. Moreover, she was so close to him that if she moved by one more inch, then she would already be touching his body.

"Oh, come on Ricky, don't prolong this.

runic power is not that simple?" the Dragon Intent Grass asked Ricky trough telepathy at the moment.

"Not that simple, you say? What do you mean by that? Is there anything special about it? Isn't it just a bunch of white runes with the flame element fused with it?" Ricky asked in confusion.

After the Dragon Intent Grass reminded him, he directly activated his five zones to get a glimpse of Bruce's white runes.

As he tried to assess and check the runes, he found something quite odd about it.

As he examined the runes, he felt a special kind of heat coming off of them, which was different from the heat of any flame. Instead, what he sensed was a primitive kind of heat.

Ricky was quite familiar with primitive dark power. In fact, Pearl's Feminine Mutant fell into this kind of category.

'I am not mistaken. The heat is absolutely the opposite of Pearl's Feminine Mutant, so it means that the heat power coming from it is a kind of masculine power. Therefore, the runes are a kind of masculine runes, ' Ricky thought to himself as he realized what they were.

Of all kinds of power, the primitive power was the strongest, followed by the chaotic power, which was a kind of power before the primitive power took shape.

The group of power that was only second to the primitive power and the chaotic power were those in contact with the heavens, such as the heavenly power, masculine power, and feminine power.

The masculine power was one of the most original kinds of power that appeared at the very beginning of time when the chaos had faded. Apart from that, both the masculine power and the feminine power were definitely the most durable kinds of power, only second to the primitive power and the chaotic power.

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