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   Chapter 962 The Reason

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Ricky spent some time recovering to his peak state, and when he had fully recovered, he and the Dragon Intent Grass undertook separate oaths. The Dragon Intent Grass promised to help him condense the Intent Soul, while he would help the Dragon Intent Grass become a Treasure from Heaven and Heaven at the Potentate Level.

Afterward, they signed an equal agreement. Of course, he still didn't allow the Dragon Intent Grass to see his regained spiritual meridian and his mysterious ax.

When the Dragon Intent Grass entered his Soul Sea, Ricky immediately had a feeling that his level of the Intent Apperception, which was originally in the third grade, had increased exponentially in an instant.

Undoubtedly, it was the benefit brought by the Dragon Intent Grass.

His mind felt like he had entered the world of intent, as he beheld the epiphany that was spread by the Dragon Intent Grass. He could quickly understand what intent was, and he could condense the Intent Soul effectively.

"You are so extraordinary," Ricky said in awe, as he immersed himself in that wondrous feeling.

"That's for sure. With my help, you can condense the Intent Soul in less than five years," the Dragon Intent Grass said confidently, but surprisingly, instead of being happy, Ricky looked upset.

"What? Five years?" Ricky replied in a shocked tone. It was obvious in his tone and expression that he was not satisfied with five years, as that was too long for him.

"That's not a long time," the Dragon Intent Grass said coldly, as it was offended at Ricky's reaction.

"I thought it would only take one or two years," Ricky whined. He didn't mean to offend the Dragon Intent Grass, but he had a different time table. He really did not expect that to last that long.

"You're dreaming! Even for peerless geniuses, it can take decades for them to condense the Intent Soul, and besides, they have to constantly condense the Intent Soul during those decades," the Dragon Intent Grass said, looking aghast.

"If one has only a little epiphany, it's normal for him to spend hundreds of years to condense the Intent Soul. I said you could condense the Intent Soul in five years because you have mastered the chaotic power. Otherwise, you will need to spend more time."

"Well, I will try my best then." Ricky frowned, still a little unhappy. He thought that five years were too long since he had a lot of things to do, but the time given to him was too short.

"Ricky, it's amazing if you can condense the Intent Soul in five years." Tina tried to comfort him awkwardly when she noticed that he was still upset.

After all, no one had ever condensed the Intent Soul in just five years, but Ricky was still dissatisfied. Tina didn't know what to say, although she sho

's right. No one can blame anybody for such a thing. After all, this is the martial world," the Dragon Intent Grass said.

"Now, I feel bad that I will use this Flood Dragon's corpse to refine my body and improve my cultivation method after I heard what you said," Ricky said with a light laugh.

"As far as I'm concerned, they are long dead. If you leave their corpses there, what will be the use of them? But if you are determined, I know a way that won't make you feel guilty."

Ricky studied the Dragon Intent Grass with curiosity after its intriguing words. "What is it?"

"Do you know why the two Flood Dragons sent out their ruling power to form the ruling spirit in the Dragon Cave?" the Dragon Intent Grass asked mysteriously.

"How would I know?" Ricky snorted in reply, and the Dragon Intent Grass snorted back in annoyance.

"It is because they wanted me to become strong enough. They hoped that I would be a Treasure from Heaven and Earth at the Potentate Level. They wanted me to bring their bones back to the Dragon Island and bury them there. Although they experienced a lot of pain there, it was still their hometown, and they missed it very much.

But I can't do that. It's so difficult for me to reach the Potentate Level. Even if I succeed, I don't have the strength to take their bones back to the Dragon Island," the Dragon Intent Grass confessed.

"So, you're saying that you want me to take their bones back to the Dragon Island and bury them?" "That's right. Then you can use their flesh and blood to refine your body and improve your cultivation method, and you won't feel guilty at all,"

the Dragon Intent Grass said with enthusiasm, as it nodded its head repeatedly. "Of course, even if you don't agree to do that, then it's okay. You don't need to feel guilty. After all, it's your opportunity."

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