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   Chapter 960 Shark Rebirth

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"This would not have happened without the Shark Palace's evil plan. You would not suffer the consequences if the Shark Palace didn't want me dead.

That is why you deserve everything that has been happening to you. It's your greed and arrogance that make you suffer."

"Go to hell!" Hyatt screamed as he dismissed Ricky's words. He did not give importance to Ricky's reasoning, nor did he try and think of why all of this happened. At that moment, there was nothing in his mind but Ricky's death. Hyatt found it acceptable for Ricky to take the Fire Dragon Extremity. After all, it would not be too much of a problem since he could actually take it away from Ricky later. But before that, there was something that he just could not stand—Ricky got a Demi-potentate Treasure from Heaven and Earth.

Overwhelmed by the pain, Hyatt's heart began to surge with more and more killing intent.

It didn't matter how powerful Ricky was, nor what his trump cards were. All that Hyatt wanted to do was to slash Ricky's throat and slaughter him to save his own life. After his cousin's death, there seemed to be nothing left for him aside from his life.

In addition to that, he firmly believed that he was still stronger than Ricky.

Swish! In an instant, his incomplete Water Rule spread wildly and turned the vast area into a world of water. Soon, the shadows of the Black King Sharks appeared in the same incomplete Water Rule.

"Sharks, bite him with your sharp teeth and show no mercy!"

Afterwards, the water power poured from the upside, flooding the world. In a snap, the shadows of the Black King Sharks opened their mouths full of blood and dashed straight for Ricky. At that moment, Ricky had a strong gut feeling that he was dealing with a group of crazy Black King Sharks who had no psychic intelligence whatsoever and were only interested in bloodshed.

Meanwhile, Hyatt transformed into his beast form—a real Black King Shark. Without hesitation, he immediately powered up and bore his sharp teeth, ready to rush towards Ricky.

"Chaotic power! Chaotic Flame Torrent!" Just like how fire neutralized water, violent fire would be the best option to be used against the feisty sharks in this battle.

In the front, chaotic power was being summoned along with the nine types of sacred fire and peculiar fire. Instantly, the fire turned into the shape of dragons, which swept and merged with each other. Soon, they combined with the chaotic power, forming the potent Flame Torrent.

Moreover, this intense Flame Torrent also poured down from above their heads, fighting the infinite

and pure blood essence.

At that moment, the blood essence fused with all his strength, condensing into a miniature shadow of him. Soon after, his soul came out of his beast form and merged into the shadow.

As soon as this happened, a miraculous change was expected to happen.

After the soul merged into the shadow, the shadow gradually became real—with bones, flesh and blood. Soon after, it took on the form of the real Hyatt and became his real body.

Meanwhile, the original Hyatt turned into nothing but a puddle of thick water.

Howl! With a long howl, the new Hyatt rapidly grew larger as he turned into his original form. Right at that moment, he was undoubtedly reborn. With this, he had restored his strength to its peak, along with his improved blood vitality.

"Damn it, I can't believe that this is an actual rebirth!" Ricky murmured in disbelief upon seeing what had happened.

"You are not dreaming. It is indeed an Omnipotent Skill of rebirth," the Dragon Intent Grass said in a low voice. "With this kind of Omnipotent Skill, his flesh and blood, bones, blood vitality, and strength can all be restored to the peak state, or even a bit beyond.

Aside from that, there is a possibility that his talent and blood power will evolve faintly."

"In this way, since he has acquired the Omnipotent Skill of rebirth, I can't kill him by any means," Ricky said coldly as he gnashed his teeth.

"No, you are mistaken. Such kind of Omnipotent Skill can only be used once in a few years. After each use, the user's power won't get any improvement later on," the Dragon Intent Grass explained.

"So, this must be the Omnipotent Skill's weakness, right?

Hmm. I see! It's very tricky," Ricky remarked.

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