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   Chapter 953 Bruce Su

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The two entrances shaped like a dragon's mouth were covered by the ruling power of water and fire respectively. When they first arrived, the entrances were filled with the power of dark and light, but they were soon replaced by the power of water and fire.

"This is the entrance to the Dragon Cave," Hiram said.

Ricky studied the openings, and as he looked up, he noticed that there was an inscription atop the two entrances. Two words were embedded, which said: Dragon Cave.

"Tina, this is our destination. There were likely two Flood Dragons inside the cave once," Ricky said to Tina through his mind.

"Ricky, be careful when you go in. We don't know when Hyatt and Aaron will take action," Tina said worriedly. Now that he didn't have Evil Mandragora by his side, Ricky could be in danger, especially if he entered areas where the power of his zones was blocked.

"Don't worry. If I have to fight them inside, I won't try to reserve my strength anymore," Ricky assured her.

He then concentrated on the surface of the entrance as he tried to sense the power within it. The Water and Fire Rule was at the Emperor Level, but it was compatible with the power of water and fire.

That meant that the creatures who cultivated water power and fire water could work together so that they could enter.

"Where are the people from the Super Palace? Why haven't they arrived yet?" Aaron asked impatiently.

"Patience. They are coming!" Hiram remarked lightly.

He hadn't even finished speaking when four figures rushed over. A middle-aged man seemed to be their leader. And two young men and a woman followed him.

"Spike, it's been a long while since I last saw you!" Hiram said with a smile, as he turned to greet them.

"Ha-ha, I know you are busy in seclusion." Spike Su, the leader of the Super Palace, laughed delightedly.

He glanced at Ricky, and a confused frown spread on his face when he found that Ricky was not a demi-spiritual emperor. Then, he remarked with a hint of ridicule, "Hiram, was the time I gave you to find someone suitable too short?"

But to his confusion, Spike Su could tell that Ricky was relying on his strength to resist the pressure in the depths. His brows scrunched up in wonder, as he thought, 'Is this guy hiding his real strength?'

Spike Su's words showed that he didn't intend to laugh at Ric

Ricky heard a voice message from Bruce Su.

"Hey buddy, I don't know how you came to be with the Shark Palace, but you need to be careful. I don't think it's as easy to join them as it appears right now."

Ricky was pleasantly surprised to hear that.

He didn't feel any intrigue or provocation from the message. It seemed that Bruce Su was warning him out of the kindness of his heart.

It confused him a little too. He wondered why Bruce Su would bother to warn him when they were on opposite sides of this war.

But then, it was entirely plausible that Bruce Su just wanted to sow seeds of discord in the Shark Palace as well.

"We don't know each other well, and for the time being, we are enemies. Reminding me like this will only make me feel that you are stirring up trouble," Ricky replied impassively. He didn't know yet if he could trust Bruce, so it was best to keep up his pretense.

"It's just a casual reminder. I didn't expect you to believe me, so you don't have to think too much about it," replied Bruce Su.

"Is that so?"

A few minutes passed quickly.

Their affinity with the ruling power on the entrance increased until they could easily enter.

Once inside, their bodies started vibrating slightly, as they admired the inside of the enormous Dragon Cave.

When they turned around to look at the entrances again, they found that the restriction of Water and Fire Rule had arisen again. Hyatt and Aaron were annoyed by this, as this phenomenon seemed to indicate that in this place, they couldn't touch or hurt Ricky at all.

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