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   Chapter945 Practicing The Skill

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'I have to come back in three years. And by the time I come back, I will be a spiritual emperor then, ' Ricky thought to himself. He stood midair with a pensive look on his face, as he stared at the distant sea in the direction of the Eastern Land.

After that, they wrapped up their business and left the Stormy Sea. With hearts that were burning with determination, they headed for the Western Land.

Soar, Pearl and the others followed Hugh and Amanda, as they walked over the sea. With the power of the windstorm that was ever-present in the Stormy Sea, they were able to get comprehension that helped improve their speed.

With their current realms, if they could improve their speed by a little, the next battle's result could be changed. With effort and determination, this could be their way to achieve victory.

Thus, they comprehended their martial arts, as they walked over the sea.

Another reason that they were taking their time was that Amanda told them not to hurry.

Ricky, on the other hand, planned to cultivate the Transforming Omnipotent Skill in the Massacring Zone. Before they arrived at the Western Land, he was able to cultivate a small amount of the Transforming Omnipotent Skill, so his appearance could be changed.

Normally, the Transforming Omnipotent Skill had three realms, and these realms were not in sequential order.

The first realm was called the young realm. Based on the cultivation method of the Transforming Omnipotent Skill, the cultivator could transform himself into a child, about seven or eight years of age.

'It can transform me into a child, based on the cultivation method! The Transforming Omnipotent Skill is really unpredictable. I feel like it is more mysterious than my five zones, ' Ricky thought with wonder, amazed and slightly taken aback by the mysteries that the Transforming Omnipotent Skill held.

If he changed into a child through the Transforming Omnipotent Skill, he could obtain a pure mind. After all, children's minds were the purest, and owning a pure mind would give him a chance to feel the power of supreme enlightenment.

Of course, this pure mind was also related to the cultivator's mentality. The purity of the mind could be divided into ten levels, and once he reached the tenth level, he would have full access to supreme enlightenment.

However, no one had been able to cultivate a pure mind to the tenth level. Anything that could think for itself had trace amounts of wicked thoughts.

It was extremely difficult to cultivate that. Throughout history, only a few cultivators had reached the sixth level.

'It seems that the heavenly power is cultivated by the Transforming Omnipotent Skill. That means if I can cultivate a higher level of pur

e the worst thing that could happen, especially if his secret was exposed.

This process lasted for about two weeks, and it wasn't until then that Ricky finally adapted to the middle realm. After two weeks' training, he managed to stay in the middle realm for about two days.

"It's time to go out," Ricky announced when he felt that the time was ripe.

"Ricky, I hope you can become a supreme emperor even in the Western Land," Tina said when she saw that Ricky had recovered his peak state.

"I do have to reach the spiritual emperor realm as soon as possible. Every time I have to face the enemies, I always feel that my strength is not enough to defeat them. Although a spiritual emperor is not the strongest, I still feel that I am as weak as an ant since I haven't reached the spiritual emperor realm yet," Ricky sighed, frustration evident in his voice.

"Tina, in the following days, I should help you remove the evil spirit once again. I think I can help you drive out ten percent of the evil spirit this time. If things go according to plan, this way, your pain will be reduced greatly."

"Thank you, Ricky!" Tina replied with a grateful smile.

"You don't need to be so polite with me," Ricky answered back, as his eyes twinkled in mischief.

"But the evil spirit is not an urgent issue for the time being. We can take our time. Now that I have broken through and reached the innate realm, the pain I feel has lessened. The most important thing right now, is that you can try once again whether or not your regained spiritual meridian can merge with the Heavenly Meridian."

When Ricky heard this, he felt like Tina poured ice-cold water over him. He paused, eyes wide in realization, then he answered in a low voice, "You are right. I shouldn't give up before I try, or everything will be in vain."

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