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   Chapter 899 Meeting A Beast Tamer

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As soon as the poisonous gas was released, it immediately corroded the space. To be more precise, the chaotic power that came along with the poisonous gas smashed the momentum domains of Soar and Pearl as instantly transitioned to a domain of chaos and poisonous gas.

"How could the combination of poison and chaos be this powerful?!" At that moment, they were both running out of hope.

"Lori, Sheila, step back immediately!" Soar shouted. "This poisonous gas shouldn't be taken lightly. It's obviously a top grade toxin. You will be in big trouble if you get infected by it."

Hannah was simply playing inside Ricky's Massacring Zone and chose to stay there.

"Okay!" Lori and Sheila nodded their heads after hearing Soar's words. They understood that their strengths were nothing compared to the pythons.

They couldn't do anything about the toxin at all.

Given that they were relatively weaker, they would not stand a chance against the pythons even if they tried.

"Pearl, I need you to combine your feminine power with my Heaven Melting Fire. Maybe we can quickly get rid of these pythons if we work together," Soar said in a low voice.

"Let's give it a shot!" Pearl said as she nodded her head.

Without hesitating, Pearl burst out the Feminine Mutant and immediately let the dark water flow towards Soar's Heaven Melting Fire.

Although the Heaven Melting Fire's and the dark water's energies were polarizing each other, they were still able to synergize perfectly due to the level of control their users had.

"Is this the dark water? Even if I have the Heaven Melting Fire to protect me, I can still feel the freezing coldness piercing through!" Soar sighed with emotions as he saw the dark water in action.

"I can sense that your Heaven Melting Fire is much more powerful than Ricky's," said Pearl.

"Ha-ha! It's really not easy to impress you, my sister-in-law!" Soar said as he laughed.

And at that moment, Pearl no longer said anything about Soar calling her his sister-in-law.

Even though she was still a little hesitant towards it and hadn't been fully comfortable about it, the inexplicable emotion in her heart always prevented her from saying anything to deflect it.

"Dragon Soul Punishment! Punishment Seal!" With a loud roar, Soar immediately burst out his strongest move. As the Heaven Melting Spear shot out, the shadow of the fire dragon pervaded and transformed into a h

e capable of doing something like that," Pearl said as she was reminded by Ricky's words.


Clap! Clap!

As soon as Pearl was done talking, they immediately heard someone clapping their hands.

"Great. Now that you were able to figure that out, we have no other choice but to show up," a calm voice said as the slow clapping continued.

Soon after that, another seven pythons appeared right in front of them. However, the difference was that there was a figure on the head of each python that they hadn't seen before. They had five males and two females.

"I didn't know that you guys were controlling these pythons that attacked us," Soar said coldly as he saw the seven people appear.

"Of course. After everything that had happened, there was no way we would let creatures from the continent like you to get involved in the Fake Chaotic Region," a young man among the seven people said in a flat tone. "This Heavenly Void belongs to our five great dynasties, so this region rightfully belongs to our five great dynasties as well."

"You are emitting a strong form of evil energy. I am guessing you are from the Great Evil Dynasty," Ricky said in a low voice. "You didn't need to use any sort of pill or drug to control these pythons.

If I were to guess, I would say that at least one of you is a beast tamer. Only beast tamers can smoothly control these creatures without psychic intelligence like you did."

"Ha-ha! I have to admit that you clearly know what you are talking about. You are absolutely right but unfortunately, there isn't any reward for you!" the young man said as he laughed.

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