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   Chapter 896 The Fake Chaotic Space

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7511

Updated: 2020-03-29 00:12

At that moment, the power of the black windstorm that swept out of the Black Wind Abyss was not something they could resist, so their only option was to hide from it.

Soon, they were able to go far away from the area where the Black Wind Abyss was located. ...

"Chief, what's going on? How is this happening?" Ricky asked as soon as they were far away from the abyss.

As the strong rumbles continued, they still could not tell where they were coming from. They were coming from all directions.

"I have heard some rumors recently, saying that a Fake Chaotic Region was beginning to emerge. This intense rumbling is probably a sign that the region is finally coming to life!" Zenith said.

"A Fake Chaotic Region? What exactly does that mean?"

"The Heavenly Void that covers every area is connected to chaos which is known to be the original form of space. It consists of everything at its original state so it naturally possesses all its initial power," Cheryl explained.

"The power in the chaos is the most violent power since the very beginning. Even holy beings used to die there.

Chaos, by definition, could affect any normal space it is in. If a normal space gets infected, it could be eroded by the chaos and the internal space will also be invaded by chaos.

But the power produced inside is significantly less than the real one.

This kind of space is the Fake Chaotic Space. Ordinary creatures like us can also enter it as long as we're willing to face all the danger inside."

"So that's what the Fake Chaotic Space is. I haven't heard of it before." Ricky and the others nodded after hearing her words.

"One more thing is required before a space is tainted by chaos," Cheryl continued.

"What would that be?"

"The chaos can devour anything it wants but what it desires the most is pure heavenly power. If there are some Treasures from Heaven and Earth that contain pure power in some small or medium space, it will definitely be eroded by chaos the moment it gets close to it," Cheryl explained further.

"So it could be said with utmost certainty that as long as a Fake Chaotic Space is formed, it also goes without saying that some Treasures from Heaven and Earth that contain pure heavenly power wo

the light.

"Once a Fake Chaotic Space arrives, it will soon merge with the Heavenly Void to give birth to a Fake Chaotic Region," Cheryl explained. "A Fake Chaotic Region would be very small compared to the entire Heavenly Void.

Therefore, the primitive power inside would not be enough. It will gradually be assimilated by the Heavenly Void to form an original space. Judging from the nine-colored light and the sense of chaos, this Fake Chaotic Region would not be a small one. It can probably last at least half a year."

"Ricky, it's not too late. You can leave right now. We should continue to search for the Senses of Realm. By the time we start, the top warriors of this void will probably enter the Fake Chaotic Region. It will be much easier for us to find Senses of Realm once they do," Zenith said.

By that time, they had to say goodbye to each other.

"Chief, take good care of yourself," Ricky said sincerely.

"I should say the same to you!"

After bidding each other goodbye, Zenith and the others left. Ricky and his followers also headed for the direction of the Fake Chaotic Region.

They had been together in their journey for several days already. During their quest, they saw many different creatures come one after the other. It goes without saying that they all rushed towards the Fake Chaotic Space.

Only when they got closer did they realize that the region where the Fake Chaotic Space appeared was also within the realm of the Great Evil Dynasty.

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