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   Chapter 887 Ricky's Blood Power

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"I don't know. I can't see anything even with my Golden Spirit Eyes," Ricky said quietly.

They did not find any passageway for other palaces. It was obvious that they were meant to come to this palace.

"I will try to have a look with the power of the Justice Saber Soul."

After this proclamation, Ricky burst out the Justice Saber Soul. Its power surged through the power barrier on the altar.

Buzz! After a few buzzes, the power barrier stopped reacting.

Ricky had a feeling that if he had not summoned the Justice Saber Soul's power, the power on the altar would have turned him into ashes.

"Congratulations, the owner of the Ultimate Justice Saber! You have won the ownership of the Ultimate Justice Saber in the competition!" Soar and Ricky tensed when the Holy Three-Saber's voice rang out suddenly.

The power on the altar surged and condensed into the shadow of a figure. Its head was marked with three sabers. Ricky and Soar looked at each other excitedly as they realized they were looking at the Holy Three-Saber.

"I'm Ricky! Nice to meet you, sir!"

"I'm Soar!

Nice to meet you, sir!" Ricky and Soar greeted him respectfully. No matter how talented Ricky and Soar were, they could only humble themselves in front of such a powerful master. Although they did not know which level of a holy being the Holy Three-Saber fell into, they knew that any holy being was above all the creatures from the continent.

As the deity approached, they could sense the presence of a mutant.

"You're a Great Dragon and an ace genius. I'm quite impressed by you two!" The Holy Three-Saber looked at Ricky and Soar with fondness in his eyes.

Although the heir of a strong warrior was generally decided by the god's will, every strong warrior hoped his heritage could be received by a top genius. Moreover, Ricky's and Soar's characters were superior to the others as they had shown in the trial of justice.

"What?" The Holy Three-Saber let out a shocked gasp when he saw Ricky.

He released a force that crawled around Ricky's body. His eyes that sparkled with condensed divine energy were wi

r an heir to your heritage, but why did you separate the three sabers?"

"As a mutant, I don't know whether my real body is still alive or not. It is most likely dead. After all, my real body has not returned for countless years. As for the reason why the three sabers are to be inherited separately, allow me to explain from the beginning.

I'm a genius in saber skills and I have the Three-Saber Mutant. You know what the three sabers are. They are the justice saber skills, evil saber skills, and domineering saber skills.

Through my incomparable mutant and talent, I rose in the Celestial Land and became a holy being."

As he spoke, the Holy Three-Saber wore an arrogant and haughty expression.

He seemed to be reminiscing his glory days.

"I couldn't reach a higher level when I became a holy being at peak state because the creatures above the holy beings could cultivate only one divine supreme enlightenment. That is the will of heaven and earth which cannot be changed.

But I was born with the Three-Saber Mutant. I can't give up two sabers unless I'm revived in a new guise." The Holy Three-Saber's voice suddenly lowered. His eyes flashed in sorrow as he seemed to remember something he regretted.

"But I don't want to be revived in a new guise even if I have to die.

Therefore, it is my destiny that I can only be a holy being at peak state."

"Really?" Ricky and Soar said.

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