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   Chapter 886 Enter The Palace With The Third Level Of Ultimate Golden Body

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"Damn it!" Ricky cried out when he felt a stabbing pain course through him.

He growled in frustration. He had already broken out his strongest defense of the second level of Ultimate Golden Body but he was still beaten and hurt. Now he knew that Prince Neal's strength should not be underestimated. Prince Neal had become one of the strongest and most powerful cultivators among all the completed spiritual king at peak state.

Needless to say, the reason for the growth of Prince Neal was that he had passed the test of the Divine Manor.

"It looks like you've blocked an attack from me. I wonder what would happen if I launched another one? Would you survive it again? Let's see what it happens!" Prince Neal smiled sadistically at Ricky and opened his three mouths simultaneously. He was clearly unhappy that Ricky survived against his attack.

Furiously, Prince Neal condensed his energy again into a Golden Lion King Claw and scratched toward Ricky fiercely.

"You are going to die here today!" With a roar, the Golden Lion King Claw scratched and the air whipped apart like paper.

"You have practiced for such a long time. Let me see how much you have improved!" Ricky said as he straightened up. The golden light in his Golden Spirit Eyes glowed stronger at that moment.

Then, he condensed the second level of Ultimate Golden Body again.

He didn't stop even when the second level of Ultimate Golden Body reached its completed state. Instead, he continued until the golden light shone brightly, almost thirty feet in height.

Ricky had finally activated the third level of Ultimate Golden Body.

It had been a long time since he had reached the completed state of the second level of Ultimate Golden Body. Naturally, he had to continue his cultivation. After he fused the Iron Justice Saber into his accompanying saber, he also successfully cultivated and reached the third level of Ultimate Golden Body.

Although the third level of Ultimate Golden Body was not as big as the real body of Prince Neal, it was not weaker in any way.

The Massacring Sand turned into the shape of a dragon and circled the third level of Ultimate Golden Body and the Iron Justice Saber.

"Galaxy Saber Strike!"

Ricky shouted as he gathered all his strength and slashed fiercely at Prince Neal.

Boom! Suddenly, sharp claws collided with the blade of the saber. They paused as they seemed to reach an impasse. Both were panting harshly as they exerted all their efforts. Soon, fatal cracks began to spread on the claws.

It looked like a stalemate at first, but the collision showed that there was a dif

er, the power of the Domineering Saber, and the power of the Evil Saber. I think that the Holy Three-Saber must have cultivated these three kinds of supreme enlightenment of sabers."

"You are right, Soar." Ricky nodded."As per the hint given by the Holy Three-Saber, I think that he wants to choose an heir from those who have cultivated one of these saber enlightenments."

"But wouldn't it be better to have all of his three unique skills inherited from him?" Soar cocked his head to the side as he puzzled over it.

"I don't know. Maybe he wants to pick the most powerful one among the three enlightenments as well. After all, the strongest one has the least shortcomings!" Ricky shook his head and shrugged.

"I don't think the most powerful saber enlightenment exists. Take the fight between you and Prince Neal as an example, if you took the Domineering Saber, while he used the Ultimate Justice Saber, I think you would still have won in the end," Soar said so sincerely that it caught Ricky off-guard. He could only smile at his brother's intelligence and honesty.


The two arrived at the center of the palace, where there was an altar. On the altar, there was a three-colored coffin.

Ricky tried to see what was in the coffin and even utilized his Golden Spirit Eyes, but it was still too blurry for him to see.

On the altar, three huge sabers stood as well. They were arranged in a triangle and emitted power that protected the coffin.

It felt so powerful that it seemed only a god could break through it.

"Ricky, what do you think is inside that coffin? Is the inheritance of the Holy Three-Saber in this coffin?" Soar wondered loudly. He was also trying to peek with his senses but had failed like Ricky.

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