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   Chapter 883 Improved Strength Due To Merging

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"There is another severe requirement on accompanying weapons," Tina continued.

"What requirement?" Pearl asked curiously.

"The accompanying weapons must be cast by magical materials from heaven and earth. In other words, only weapons made by magical materials from heaven and earth are qualified to be accompanying weapons. Because of such severe requirements, the use of accompanying weapons gradually decreased,"

Tina answered. Once again, her knowledge proved to be an asset to their group.

"If a weapon is cast by magical materials from heaven and earth, it is qualified to become a supreme weapon. As you say, it is indeed a severe requirement," Ricky said seriously as he frowned in thought.

"Ricky, why did you ask about that? Do you want to turn the Iron Justice Saber into your accompanying weapon?" Tina asked curiously.

"It is not that I want to do that. It is more like, I have no choice but to do that. It is because you said it was difficult to master the Soul Apperception. It made me want to challenge it."

"Why do you mean by you have to do it?" Tina and Pearl looked at Ricky curiously.

"It is because the Holy Three-Saber communicated with me again. He told me that I won't be able to leave here or obtain the opportunity of the Divine Manor unless I make the Ultimate Justice Saber my accompanying weapon," Ricky clarified for them promptly.

"Oh, in that case, the Ultimate Justice Saber must be cast by magical materials from heaven and earth." Tina nodded as she understood what Ricky would need to do.

"This is the Divine Manor. From the name of the Holy Three-Saber, we know that he must be a holy being and his saber must be a holy saber. Maybe they were really cast by some magical materials from heaven and earth. Furthermore, it was very easy to merge the Ultimate Justice Saber with the Iron Destroyer. I think that is because it has something to do with heaven and earth,"

Ricky explained patiently as Pearl and Tina listened.

"But it is too risky to have an accompanying weapon! You are destined to have more one-on-one battles with other warriors on the path of martial arts. The Iron Justice Saber is too prone to damage." Tina was worried. She did not like it when Ricky was exposed to needless danger.

"But how can we leave here if I don't make the Iron Justice Saber my accompanying weapon? It's no big de

course that's the result of my closed-door cultivation. You are far from beating me, boy!" Ricky said with a smile. He laughed heartily at Soar's expression. He looked like somebody kicked his puppy.

Soar was a little bit shocked and disappointed by Ricky's words. He had thought that he would be able to surpass and defeat Ricky after he refined the Human Blood Soul and the Elf Blood Soul, but he was wrong. He sighed helplessly.

"Ricky, you are a freak!" Soar sighed. The human emperor and others were surprised as well.

They knew that Ricky defeated the Blood Devil King with the help of the power of the Justice Saber Soul. In the last battle, Ricky's strength was still far from a completed spiritual king at peak state.

However, Ricky's strength had reached that of a completed spiritual king at peak state after he cultivated in seclusion. Amazingly, he accomplished this in less than a month.

They looked at Ricky in awe. Although Soar was a Great Dragon, it seemed that Ricky was more powerful than him. After all, he could improve so drastically in such a short time.

"Ricky, it's time for you to leave now, right?" The human emperor seemed reluctant to part with Ricky and Soar.

After all that had happened, they had begun to admire and respect Ricky and Soar.

"Sir, it's indeed time for us to leave. Soar and I have something more important to do. Don't worry. I believe the devils no longer pose a threat to the Justice Continent."

Ricky smiled at them as he said this. He was glad that he would be able to leave the Justice Continent in peace.

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