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   Chapter 882 Accompanying Weapons

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'If anyone deserves to be slaughtered, it is the devil, ' Ricky thought. However, this thought sounded cruel and needless even in the privacy of his mind. His throat tightened as he felt like he was drowning in guilt.

Ricky and the human emperor had been merciful to the weak, sickly, and disabled devils. Unfortunately, they could not show the same mercy to the other devils who were of sound mind and body.

'The justice in my heart may not agree with this slaughter, but I cannot let this justice make me soft. The devils would only bring harm if they are left to their own devices. Justice can only be given to those on the same side as me, ' Ricky thought to himself. He sighed; rationality and pity warred in his restless mind.

'Killing is our only option for our enemies. If they were given the same choice, they would choose to kill me as well.

With my current strength, I cannot show mercy to the devils who were born to be our nemesis.'

After the slaughter, Ricky swiftly left. He didn't bother about the weak, sickly, and disabled devils. Instead, he left the human emperor and elf emperor in charge.

With their minds occupied by what they left behind, he and Soar traveled back to the cultivation place of the Human Royal Palace.

Urgency lifted his footsteps as he thought about what he needed to take care of. His priority was to purify the Justice Saber Soul that the Blood Devil King possessed. At the same time, Soar needed to digest the power of the Human Blood Soul and Elf Blood Soul to further cultivate his power. This way, Soar would finally become a completed spiritual king at peak state.

"Ricky, do you think you can do this?" Tina asked, worried and hesitant.

"It has a lot of evil spirit in it, but it is minimal compared to the level in your body. I am sure that I can remove it completely in just a few days," Ricky assured her.

"Moreover, I can still feel the justice power. This means that Blood Devil King didn't fully demonize this half of the Justice Saber Soul."

"It is still the evil spirit, so you must be careful, okay?" Tina reminded him carefully.

"I know. You worry too much, Tina."

A wry grin and a small chuckle escaped Ricky's mouth at Tina's words. Like a homing missile that found its target, he focused all his attention as he began to work. The Devourer Zone evolved into a bloody sea a

to comprehend the Soul Apperception is that you must have an accompanying weapon.

The Soul Apperception is too abstract so almost all creatures cannot understand it. Normally, they will not consider possessing accompanying weapons," Tina said honestly.

"Tina, what if I want to have an accompanying weapon before I comprehend the Soul Apperception?" Ricky asked.

"As I mentioned earlier, an accompanying weapon is meant to fully integrate with a creature's body, mind, and soul. A weapon that is integrated with one's body, mind and soul is much stronger than a weapon that is only integrated with one's blood essence.

Your accompanying weapon is a part of you. If you die, the weapon will be destroyed; if your weapon is damaged, you will also be injured. You can even die depending on the gravity of damage to your weapon."

"I see!" Rocky exclaimed. He nodded to himself as the puzzles in his mind were solved.

His expression turned grave as he realized the implication of what the Holy Three-Saber said to him earlier.

Ricky needed to cultivate his Iron Justice Saber into his accompanying weapon so that he could leave this place.

However, it was a really difficult task that only an ace genius could successfully accomplish.

On top of that, it was also incredibly risky. After all, any damage to the Iron Justice Saber would directly affect him as well.

'Do I have what it takes to cultivate the Soul Apperception?' Ricky thought to himself with a frown.

'I'm already an ace genius.

And I must begin to cultivate the Soul Apperception.'

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