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   Chapter 881 Killing The Devils

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8119

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"Galaxy Strike—thrusting, sealing, transferring—three formulae in one!"

The moment his momentum reached the extreme, Ricky struck hard. The intents of the three formulae appeared one after another behind him. All of Ricky's power was poured into the three intents where three galaxy blades burst out simultaneously.

The three blades combined into one and turned into the purest golden purple blade. The gleaming blade dashed towards the Blood Devil King.

As a Great Dragon, Soar burst out Indestructible Fighting Spirit and Dragon Soul Punishment. All his power was poured into the Heaven Melting Spear. As a result, it evolved into the shadow of the Heaven Melting Dragon. He stabbed the spear towards the Blood Devil King.

At this time, Soar and Ricky's attack was targeted towards the Blood Devil King alone. With nowhere to dodge, the Blood Devil King had no choice but to face the attack.

Of course, he didn't plan to dodge at all.

That was because neither side had any route of retreat in this battle. It was a battle that had only two outcomes, success and death.

Bang! The blood devil energy surged and every inch of the Blood Devil King's body seemed to become fiercer.

He separated the half of the Justice Saber Soul again and merged one fourth of the Justice Saber Soul with each of his demonic arms. As a result, the Blood Devil King's two arms turned into razor-sharp blades.

"Blood Devil Power, Blood Devil Strike!"

Thick and strong black meridians rose from the body of the Blood Devil King. Inside them, the demonic blood flowed freakishly into his arms.

He waved his two strong arms and wielded them like blades toward Ricky and Soar.


Their moves collided with full-force and exploded in an instant.

However, they didn't stop attacking. They abandoned defense and poured all their focus and power into their offensive attacks. The void where they fought broke into chaotic pieces.

At this moment, all the fighting creatures were drawn towards their vicious battle. Everybody knew that the result of this battle would be determined by the fight between Ricky, Soar, and the Blood Devil King.

The endless waves of air didn't recede until a long while later. By that time, the three of them had emerged from the airwaves.

They were weak and half-kneeling as they gasped desperately for air. Their bodies were all covered with small cuts and deep wounds.

In parti

on, "Well done! We did it!"

They burst into relieved laughter. Once again, they survived a desperate situation.

And this time, it was not just the two of them. They survived the jaws of death together with countless creatures on the Justice Continent.


After a brief period of silence where they absorbed what had happened, almost all the creatures on the Justice Continent wept with joy. Their fighting spirit and their strength increased.

At this moment, the demonic creatures' bloody eyes were finally filled with fear for their lives.

Some of the devils even tried to run as they realized their situation.

The Dark Devil King and the Scarlet Devil King rushed to flee as well.

However, Ricky and Soar had no intention of letting the devils go. They quickly killed the Dark Devil King and the Scarlet Devil King before they joined the other battles.

The resulting battle was a one-sided confrontation. The devils were slaughtered by the people who finally had the chance to fight for themselves.

If their battle ended with the Blood Devil King's victory, would they have shown mercy to the creatures on the Justice Continent?

They knew the answer well, and it was also the answer that they gave that day to the devils they encountered.

There was no mercy to be spared.


This slaughter lasted for a whole month. Creatures on the Justice Continent, led by Ricky and Soar, fought from the Justice Continent to the Devil Royal Palace on the Devil Continent.

In the end, all the devil soldiers were slaughtered. Only those who were old, sick, or disabled were left alive.

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