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   Chapter 880 The Human Blood Soul And The Elf Blood Soul

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7971

Updated: 2020-03-21 00:13

The slash made the Blood Devil King's pupils shrink, which betrayed the fear that coursed through him at that moment.


the Blood Devil King roared and entered the demonization mode even if it meant that he would have to consume a significant amount of his blood vitality.

In the previous closed-door cultivation, the Blood Devil King had refined a large amount of demonic blood essence of the prior generations of the devils. This way, it would not cause him any harm if he consumed a large amount of the blood essence for demonization. This was one of his trump cards, the hypothetical ace in his sleeves.

Boom! When he demonized himself, the Blood Devil King's huge body expanded further and his strength increased exponentially.

"I don't know what justice is but I promise you that I will completely demonize this half of the Justice Saber Soul," the Blood Devil King roared and thumped his chest like a huge ape.

Another four drops of demonic blood essence spilled out from between his eyebrows and entered the half of the Justice Saber Soul in his hand. Immediately, the Justice Saber Soul turned darker and bloodier.

Perhaps at that moment, the half of the saber soul he had tainted could no longer be called the Justice Saber Soul. Instead, it could be called the Blood Devil Saber Soul.

"Chop!" The Blood Devil King let out an earsplitting roar and slashed at his enemy with his saber.


The next moment, the two blades collided with each other. It created endless sparks that twisted and writhed like snakes made of fire.

Their powerful bodies danced together like lovers. They intertwined and moved faster than the naked eye. A hundred attacks had already taken place but an average person would not have seen that.

The demonized Blood Devil King's power was the same as that of Ricky, who was completely controlling the Justice Saber Soul. It looked like the situation of the battle had changed once again, except that this time, both sides were equally strong.

"Damn it! In such a fierce battle, my power is not strong enough. If I had two more months, I'm sure I can help Ricky defeat the Blood Devil King!" Soar sighed in frustration. His body was thrumming with adrenaline and the need to help but all he could do was to watch uselessly.

"Soar, I can help you get more power!" Lori's voice came through at that moment. Soa

itual power. Together with the supreme weapon of the Heaven Melting Pagoda, Soar was able to refine speedily.

"Thank you, Lori and Princess Sheila,"

Soar told them sincerely. He focused as the Heaven Melting Pagoda turned into the Heaven Melting Spear. Soar broke out the Dragon's Spear, which was among the Dragon Battle Technique. He condensed it into a strong attack and rushed towards the Blood Devil King.

The sudden attack caught the Blood Devil King off guard. A deep gash was inflicted on his chest by the Heaven Melting Spear.

At the same time, blood spilled from the corner of his mouth as he struggled to remain standing. The Blood Devil King was greatly beaten back.

"Soar!" Ricky said excitedly as he felt that Soar's power had grown.

"Ricky, let's talk about this later. Let's beat the Blood Devil King together first," Soar told Ricky as the Heaven Melting Fire burned around him fiercely.

"Well, let's work together to destroy him!" Ricky laughed.

The next moment, the two buddies' momentums broke to the extreme and surrounded the Blood Devil King.

"Humph! Damn it!" the Blood Devil King roared in anger after he recovered from Soar's attack. His dark glare was focused on Soar and Ricky as if he was killing them in his mind.

"Blood Devil King, show us your strongest power," Soar challenged him confidently. He wielded the Heaven Melting Spear deftly in his hands.

As one, Ricky and Soar took strong and sure steps towards the Blood Devil King. When their power reached its extreme, they sprang like snakes and simultaneously attacked.

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