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   Chapter 873 Blood Devil King

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7770

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The smell of blood came from the battle with the devils.

After his cultivation in seclusion, the Blood Devil King led all the devil soldiers to fight without hesitation.

All the warriors on the Justice Continent were ready. Soar, the human emperor and the elf emperor were also in place as they waited for Ricky to finish his cultivation.

When Ricky came out, he found that Soar's strength had improved again.

The Great Dragon's power and potential made Ricky feel a bit jealous. As the legendary beast, he could even improve his strength while he slept.

Princess Sheila, the number one genius of the elves also showed up. Her body and hair were white as snow. Her skin was as smooth as jade which made her look like a snow fairy.

"Ricky, Sheila is so beautiful," Soar said to Ricky using his internal power.

"You already have Madeline and Princess Lori. Do you still want Princess Sheila?" Ricky replied helplessly.

"Ricky, how could you say that? You have a few women too!"


Just then, the creatures from the Tiger Royal Palace showed up, headed by Pollard.

"Justice King and Ricky." Pollard inclined his head at Ricky and Soar in greeting. "I have come just as I have promised. I have brought all my warriors with me. I'm sure you can see that."

"I am glad to see you. We will fight side by side this time." Ricky smiled warmly. If Pollard wanted to fight with the devils, Ricky would treat him as a friend. He would honor his bravery and fight with him.

However, if he pulled any tricks, Ricky would not hesitate to slaughter him together with the devils.

"Ha-ha, sure!" Pollard laughed heartily.

When they were ready, they set out together in the direction of the devils.

As they arrive, they saw the alarming quantity of the devils' army. Their numbers were so large and enveloped with a terrifying evil spirit that it seemed that they were unbeatable.

The presence of the Blood Devil King motivated the devil warriors. Their fear of death in battle was wiped out by the Blood Devil King.

At the mixing part of evil spirit and spiritual energy of heaven and earth, the two sides confronted each other again.

In the middle of the devils' horde, a human figure stood clothed in crimson. On closer inspection, not only the clothes were red.

The figure's hair and e

The creatures from the Tiger Royal Palace also joined the battle with the devils.

Pollard approached Ricky and Soar and asked, "You two, let me go with you to deal with the Blood Devil King."

"Okay," Ricky nodded.

On his second level of Ultimate Golden Body, five runes emerged at the same time. Simultaneously, five mutants appeared as well.

Soar transformed into the Great Dragon as soon as the Heaven Melting Spear came out.

Meanwhile, Pollard turned into his beast form. Since his blood had evolved, he had turned into a Burning Sun Holy Tiger with wings. Together with this, the Lava Mutant also appeared on his body.

Ricky and Soar glanced at him, surprised.

"Don't worry guys. I don't think I will hold you back." Pollard grinned at the astonished expressions of Ricky and Soar. There was no fear or worry in his expression even when their opponent was the Blood Devil King.

The two of them only saw excitement on Pollard's expression. No doubt, he was eager to obtain more power.

"I can't believe that you have this much strength and we did not notice," Ricky whispered in quiet admiration.


"Ricky, how can Pollard be so strong? How did he become the Burning Sun Holy Tiger with wings? And how does he have a Lava Mutant? Where is Anthony?" At this moment, Soar had numerous doubts.

"I'm also confused. I'm afraid that something unexpected has happened in the Tiger Royal Palace. But do not get distracted. Our main goal is to defeat the Blood Devil King," Ricky reminded him with a somber look.

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