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   Chapter 869 The Hope Of Victory

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7980

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The tough muscles on Trevor's body were torn apart and pierced as black blood dripped out of them, and his breathing weakened.

Soar was also hurt. Many parts of his body were wounded, and pools of blood were everywhere.

But compared to Trevor, Soar's injuries were less drastic. After all, the durability of his dragon scales was known to be the best among all creatures.

At that moment, Trevor's eyes turned gloomy. He never thought that his invincible power could be easily overwhelmed.

"It seems that your teeth aren't as sharp as you thought!" Soar said with disdain, shaking his head.

"Humph! Die!" Trevor could only roar as a response to Soar's arrogance.

As he roared, his Evil Spirit Enlightenment rose once again. Realizing the fact that his body was weaker than that of the Great Dragon, he was planning on using his enlightening power to try and kill the dragon.

"Power of the Blood Devil! All-in Devil Saber!"

The blood red evil spirit surged forward in the form of waves. Trevor looked extremely ferocious as if his eyes were turning into two oceans of blood from which an immense air of killing was released.

At that moment, it seemed as if he had completely forgotten about fear and death and was completely ready to sacrifice himself. Yet he was merely preoccupied by the thoughts of blood and slaughter.

Blood sprayed on the ground. Trevor waved his saber as he charged forward. The void immediately transformed into a void of devils. Huge devils appeared one after the other, gathering the power of blood and slaughter as they prepared to attack.

Soar felt a strong threat before the dagger stabbed his body and caused him to fear for his life.

Therefore, Soar activated every drop of Dragon's Blood he still had in his body to burst out the power of the Great Dragon.

"Dragon Soul Punishment!"

While he growled, the power of the Great Dragon in his body turned into the Dragon Soul, which then began to roar in the invisible void as if it was communicating with the heavenly punishment power of the Great Dragon to channel its strongest powers.

"Punishment Dragon Seal!"

Under the Dragon Soul, the power of punishment from heaven was then condensed and turned into the Punishment Dragon Claw. Within the claw, the power of punishment and the Great Dragon's enlightening power were merged into one square seal.

The seal was c

tures on the Justice Continent.

"Yes, Justice King!" Hearing Soar's words, the creatures from the Justice Continent all exclaimed from the top of their lungs.

Seeing this, the human emperor and the elf emperor looked at each other and smiled with relief. They saw a silver lining right in front of them, something they had never seen before.

The human emperor couldn't be more relieved and was glad that he trusted Ricky and Soar to save them.

He believed that Soar, the Great Dragon and Ricky, the master of the Justice Saber Soul, were sent from the heavens for their salvation.


"Ricky, I would leave the two devil kings to you," Soar firmly said to Ricky.

Afterwards, Soar led the creatures of the Justice Continent in killing the remaining devils.

It was again an overwhelming slaughter but the situation was quite different this time. It was the creatures of the Justice Continent that had full control over the situation as they slaughtered the devils from the Devil Continent one after the other.


The Dark Devil King and the Scarlet Devil King worked together and tried to resist Ricky's saber light. However, they were already gravely hurt and they had to retreat in the process of exploding their bodies.

Of course, Ricky already anticipated what they were about to do. He said coldly, "Since you're already here, you have to leave something behind. Trevor's blood is far from enough."

Flying through the air, Ricky appeared above the two devil kings and with his Justice Saber releasing power, he slashed down at them with all his might.

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