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   Chapter 865 The Powerful Beast Emperor

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 9456

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The one who spoke was an ordinary creature. Some other creatures immediately followed suit and echoed the concern with him to gather more attention.

"Yes, that's right! Human Emperor, you and your palace is the hope of the whole Justice Continent. Now, the Justice King has finally appeared. With that being said, it is just so fitting and justifiable that more of the responsibilities should be shouldered by the Human Royal Palace!" One by one, the warriors voiced out their opinions as they all wanted to be heard.

"Justice King, we hope that you can take the Saber Spirit and kill the devils with us!"

Each of the warriors continued to express their hopes and voice out their suggestions one after the other, in an organized fashion.

"Human Emperor, was any of what Beast Emperor said true?" the elf emperor asked loudly so that everyone in the area heard her query.

"Yes, it was. Justice Saber Soul is the Saber Spirit's name. It is a treasure in the Saber Tomb of the Human Royal Palace, so we are responsible for protecting it with our lives," the human emperor replied in a tone of admission.

"Well, in that case, please further explain the matter to us. Otherwise, I will be forced to take the side of the Tiger Royal Palace," the elf emperor threatened.

It was undeniable that the elf emperor had such admirable ambitions. But when it came to the context of the devils' invasion, it was more of a death sentence. With the devils' invasion, if the Human Royal Palace was destroyed first, then the creatures on the entirety of the Justice Continent would become extinct in a flash, including her very own Elf Royal Palace.

"Everyone, there is no doubt that the Justice Saber Soul is indeed powerful. If it were not, then, it would have not defeated the Blood Devil King in the first place," the human emperor said with conviction. "As of the moment, no one in the Human Royal Palace can control the Justice Saber Soul.

In conclusion, the Justice Saber Soul fought against the Blood Devil King on its own accord, without anyone controlling it.

Everyone, think this through. How many lives did our Human Royal Palace sacrifice in order to save us all from the wretched devils? How much blood did we spill on the land of the Justice Continent?

All of my three sons died from fighting against the devils. This would not have even happened if anyone from the Human Royal Palace was able to control the Justice Saber Soul. In such a case, there would be no need to wait until now!"

All the other creatures, including the elf emperor, fell silent for they knew that what he said was nothing but the truth.

On the other hand, all the other creatures' resentment were extinguished except for the beast emperor, who instead had his eyes darkened by his words.

"It seems that only the members of

aring difference between the power of the two emperors?

Boom! As he retreated rapidly at full speed, the human emperor avoided his opponent's powerful blow. But as he did this, embarrassment filled his heart and mind.

"You're not listening. I have already told you that you cannot stop me!" the beast emperor said coldly. Standing in the midair in a domineering manner, he looked around with his red eyes, as if a king was coming.

All the other creatures who witnessed this great display of power became shocked as they had not expected that the beast emperor could be so powerful as to defeat the human emperor so easily.

"How could this be possible? I can't believe that you have made a breakthrough!" the human emperor roared aloud after keeping her fast receding figure steady.

All the three emperors had been first-class completed spiritual kings. This time, however, the beast emperor was a first-class completed spiritual king at peak state.

"You're right! But it seems that I've broken through by luck!" the beast emperor said monotonously.

'So that explains the shocking power dynamic. It's just because the beast emperor actually made a breakthrough. No wonder he dares challenge the human emperor, ' the elf emperor thought to herself.

At this very moment, she had a very difficult time deciding where to stand especially now that the balance among the three forces had already been broken.

'If I help the beast emperor destroy the other, I'm afraid that the beast emperor would not spare our Elf Royal Palace!' the elf emperor thought to herself once again.

Right at that moment, she made a quick decision.

"Elf Emperor, would you like to go to the Saber Tomb of the Human Royal Palace with me?" the beast emperor asked in a cold and threatening voice. Apparently, he was requiring the elf emperor to declare where she stood in the situation.

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