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   Chapter 864 Pressure From The Tiger Royal Palace

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"The devils are our enemies, but the Human Royal Palace and the Elf Royal Palace are also our enemies. If the living beings on the Justice Continent win under the leadership of the Human Royal Palace, then there will be no place for us to stay in this wretched place!" the beast emperor said coldly after hearing Pollard's words.

"But Father, if we succeed in taking the place of the Human Royal Palace, how will we deal with the devils?" Pollard asked again.

"That's none of your business," his father answered coldly. "Next, you shall cultivate together with Anthony and try to achieve your breakthrough to the completed spiritual king as soon as possible. All the cultivation resources in our palace shall be made available to you."

"I see, Father!"

Afterwards, Pollard and Anthony left the hall at the same time.

Obviously, when they left, Pollard paid most of his attention to Anthony. He even gave him a flattering smile as they walked out.

As for the beast emperor, he was still discussing something important with his subordinates.


The time spent on cultivation in the Saber Tomb went by quickly. Three months passed by unnoticeably. On the tombstone, Ricky's body had become the body of mutant. At that moment, he became the life and death runes himself.

Moreover, the Life and Death River faintly emerged on the life and death runes.

'I have finally succeeded in cultivating the Life and Death Mutant!' Ricky exclaimed in his heart out of excitement.

The next moment, the five mutants were revealed all at the same time and the Justice Saber surrounded his entire body. The saber intent in the entire Saber Tomb then instantly surged and transformed into the shape of dragons that also pervaded Ricky's body.

Afterwards, Ricky's saber light spread around and turned into a domain that collided with the saber intent inside the tomb.

By that time, Ricky's saber light had already reached the completeness.

He could have comprehended the saber intent with certain opportunities. However, he hadn't put his mind into it for a long time and had missed many opportunities. He now finally found the right opportunity inside the Saber Tomb and it was a great one.

The Saber Tomb was a graveyard for sabers and powerful warriors who wielded them. It was where saber intent could be manifested in its purest form.

'Perhaps I didn't seize those opportunities in the past because I was destined to comprehend the saber intent in this v

e Human Royal Palace immediately darkened. They all had vaguely guessed what the beast emperor was about to say next.

"The white light is a Saber Spirit!" At that time, the creatures present all sighed with emotion. It was obvious that they also knew about the battle the beast emperor was talking about.

"You are right. A powerful Saber Spirit did come to save us from doom," the elf emperor nodded and said.

"As far as I know, this Saber Spirit belongs to the Human Royal Palace's Saber Tomb. It means we can also say that it belongs to the Human Royal Palace," the beast emperor said with a cold smile as he looked at the human emperor.

"That is absurd! That Saber Spirit belongs to the Human Royal Palace!" all of the living beings around exclaimed in disbelief after hearing those words. They gazed at the human emperor.

The elf emperor couldn't help but stare at him as well.

A hint of reproach could be seen in their eyes. What they wanted to say was, "Wasn't the Human Royal Palace the leader of the Justice Continent? Since you had this powerful Saber Spirit, why didn't you use it to kill the devils when you clearly had the chance? Why did you let the whole Justice Continent suffer the devils' massacre?"

Apart from that, they also saw the sullen faces of the people from the Human Royal Palace which confirmed that the beast emperor was telling the truth.

At the sight of this, the sneer in the eyes of the beast emperor became more apparent.

"Human Emperor, now that the Saber Spirit belongs to the Human Royal Palace, why don't you use it to kill the devils?" A voice full of resentment arose from the shadows.

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