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   Chapter 863 The Life And Death Mutant

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"Sir, my saber is named Justice Saber. Its saber soul disappeared for a long time. The reason why Soar and I came here was that we wanted to get the Justice Saber Soul," Ricky explained.

"Justice Saber! Justice Saber Soul!" When they heard Ricky's words, the human emperor and others gasped in surprise. They seemed to have realized something.


"No wonder no one in the Human Royal Palace was able to use the Saber Spirit. Since ancient times many have tried and some even got hurt because of it." The human emperor nodded slightly. They were probably not strong enough, so the power had overwhelmed them.

"Although this place is called Justice Continent and the Justice Saber Soul is here, it doesn't belong here.

Now that you have come, Ricky, I will return the Justice Saber Soul to you."

Nobody from the Human Royal Palace wanted Ricky to take away the Justice Saber Soul, but they could not do anything else.

The human emperor seemed pale and worried.

"In that case, thank you very much. I'm taking this half of the Justice Saber Soul away."

"You're welcome!" Ricky also noticed their mood and he knew that they were worried that they would be left defenseless.

"Don't worry, sir. I swear by my Martial Arts Oath that I will not leave here until I successfully help the Justice Continent destroy the devils." Ricky looked right into the eyes of the human emperor as he swore. He could see how relieved he was.

There were two reasons why he gave them that promise. First, Ricky was not the kind of person who would give up halfway when he helped others. Second, he needed to destroy the devils to get the remaining half of the Justice Saber Soul.

"Thank you, Ricky!" Ricky grinned at them, pleased that he could kill two birds with one stone. Now, he would be able to help them and he would accomplish his goal at the same time.

"Before that, I need to cultivate in the Saber Tomb for a while. If the devils come, you can just get me," Ricky told the human emperor.

He could feel that the Saber Tomb would greatly help his cultivation.

The Saber Enlightenment in the Saber Tomb echoed with the saber light in his body. His body was trembling with excitement. He believed that he would be able to produce the saber intent if he cultivated here.

Moreover, he also needed a place to cultivate the Life and Death Mutant.

In the contest of martial arts to find a husband for Princess Lori, he had revealed all of his

power of life and the power of death."

Soon, Ricky was immersed in the Life and Death Skill. The Life and Death River in the Life and Death Zone flowed faster invisibly and appeared in Ricky's body.

The Life and Death River was the core of the entire Life and Death Zone. As long as he merged the Life and Death River, he was also able to merge the Life and Death Zone. Then, his body would become the Life and Death Mutant.

Of course, there was also an indispensable condition. This was the source of feminine energy he had obtained from Pearl.

As the life and death runes entered his body repeatedly, Ricky's body changed into a mutant body gradually.


At the same time, the atmosphere in the Tiger Royal Palace was very depressing.

Pollard and Anthony had recovered from their injuries. They had taken very advanced pills and Treasures from Heaven and Earth. The beast emperor looked very angry. He sat tensely on his black and gold chair, his hands tightly clenched on its armrest. Everyone around him straightened when he spoke roughly.

"Damn it! Where the hell are those bastards come from?

They destroyed our plans! One of them even turned out to be a Great Dragon. Many creatures on the Justice Continent are bound to trust the Great Dragon. Even with a common enemy like the devils, the Tiger Royal Palace will never have a chance to seize the supreme power again. I'm afraid we will never have another chance."

"Father, in the current situation, the devils are our common enemy. How about fighting against the devils first? Otherwise..." Pollard said though he felt humiliated being defeated by Soar.

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