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   Chapter 862 Saber Tomb And Half Of Justice Saber Soul

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7236

Updated: 2020-03-12 00:13

At the sight of Princess Lori, Soar forgot everything.

He planned to go on a tour with her and handed over everything to Ricky.

"Sir, how much do you know about Anthony?" Ricky felt a little helpless. Soar's attention was fully taken by Princess Lori and he was no help at all. He began to ask around for more accurate and useful information about this world.

"The Burning Sun Holy Tiger tribe has two branches. One is the Holy Tiger branch and the other is the Burning Sun branch. These two branches have the same blood power but their surnames have changed over time.

In the recent hundreds of years, the creatures of the Burning Sun branch have been inferior to those of the Holy Tiger Branch. We have always paid attention to them. We know all the talents from this branch. However, this Anthony has appeared from nowhere and nobody else has ever noticed him.

Moreover, his blood has evolved. I believe you also sensed that," the human emperor explained graciously.

"It looks like Anthony was a hidden genius of the Burning Sun Holy Tiger tribe. His purpose was just to compete for the Justice King."

Ricky asked for information about Anthony because he wanted to know more about him. He was still wondering why he sensed the Justice Saber Soul from Anthony.

"I think so." The warriors of the Human Royal Palace nodded in agreement.

"By the way, Ricky, we have another question." The human emperor was flustered as he got Ricky's full attention.

"Please go ahead, sir."

"Where are you and Soar from? This is a matter of great importance because we have handed over the lives of millions of creatures on the Justice Continent to you two.

Please don't be offended and tell us the truth."

"We are from another continent. We arrived here by chance after we shuttled in the boundless sea for nearly ten years," Ricky answered vaguely.

He didn't want to lie to these people but he could not tell them the truth either, that they were in the Divine Manor.

"I knew it! There are other continents in this endless sea." The human emperor believed Ricky's words. In his opinion, it was a logical answer.

After all, they had no o

er condensed into the form of a saber. Only the upper half of the saber was exposed in the air. He now understood why the lord of the Human Royal Palace called it the Saber Spirit.

Buzz! Perhaps the Saber Spirit felt the Justice Saber because the Saber Spirit suddenly burst out a white light that lit up the darkness in the Saber Tomb fully.

Of course, this was noticed by the human emperor and the others who were with them. Their eyes flashed with surprise since they had come plenty of times to that place, but every time they came, the Saber Spirit remained quiet.

But now...

They fixed their attention to the Justice Saber behind Ricky.


In the next moment, the half Saber Spirit flew from the huge tombstone towards Ricky. Behind him, the Justice Saber moved more violently.

"It's, undoubtedly, the Justice Saber Soul!" Ricky gasped excitedly.

He quickly took out the Justice Saber and waved it around. It merged with the Saber Spirit as soon as it made contact and a white light burst out from it.

This power was much stronger than Ricky's.

He observed it carefully and found that the power of the Justice Saber was equal to a completed spiritual king at peak state.

"I can't believe I found half of the Justice Saber Soul here," Ricky murmured to himself happily as he caressed the powerful Justice Saber lovingly.

"What's going on, Ricky? What happened to the Saber Spirit and your weapon?"

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