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   Chapter 861 Soar The Justice King

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7537

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'Why is the Justice Saber vibrating?' Ricky thought to himself seriously.

Immediately, he thought of the Justice Saber Soul. 'Is the force of Anthony related to the Justice Saber Soul? But why do I feel the power of evil spirit?'

Ricky cocked his head in confusion. He ran his mind through several explanations but he could not accurately say which one was correct.

Ricky also noticed Anthony's reaction. His eyes were staring firmly at the Justice Saber. He was probably feeling a reaction to the Justice Saber as well, or he was feeling the trembling of the Justice Saber.

"Your saber is unique. I shall have it!" Anthony declared with a manic gleam in his eyes.

"As I said, that is beyond your capability!" Ricky replied lightly.

The will to fight on both sides seemed to have increased because both of them wanted something from the other party. They both had something unknown to their opponent, and it was a curiosity to them.

The object in itself was not important, but because they had little knowledge of the object, it seemed more alluring. It was a common response that when you found something you did not know much about, you would want to know more about it. And to know more, they had to obtain it first.

Ricky grinned when he felt that the devouring power had finished its work. It had disintegrated and refined Anthony's unknown power. It was truly evil spirit.

'It is indeed evil spirit!' Ricky thought to himself seriously.

However, in addition to the evil spirit, there was also another kind of power that made the Justice Saber tremble mysteriously.

'The force causing the Justice Saber to vibrate is wrapped around the evil spirit. In other words, the evil spirit is covered by a power so that no one would realize that it is the evil spirit.

I'm sure that Anthony belongs to the Burning Sun Holy Tiger tribe. That is without a doubt. But how can he use the evil spirit? Furthermore, Pollard has no evil spirit.'

Different speculations and information swirled around in Ricky's mind.

'The truth must be extremely complicated, but it must have something to do with the Justice Saber and the Justice Saber Soul. But first, I have to defeat Anthony.'

As he focused, the color of the devouring rune

. As a Great Dragon, you must have come to save our land. The title of the Justice King rightfully belongs to you." The human emperor looked at them with respect and motioned to his warriors to thank them.

At the emperor's hint, the warriors of the Human Royal Palace all bowed deeply to Soar and Ricky as a display of status.

The human emperor and the Human Royal Palace were not willing to elevate them so much, but if they wanted to fight against the devils, they had to rely on Soar and Ricky. The powers of Soar and Ricky were weaker than the emperor's, but it would not take long for them to surpass him.

The blood of the Great Dragon was not just for show, after all.

"Ha-ha, you are welcome. From now on, I, Soar, am the Justice King of the Justice Continent," Soar said happily. After all, the title must have something to do with the Justice Saber Soul.

"Lori, this is Soar. From now on, I'll leave you to serve him." The human emperor introduced Lori to Soar. Soar smiled in delight and took her hand.

Of course, the human emperor would not dare to ignore Ricky. He secretly sent a message to him, an invitation for him to choose any human beauty for him.

Ricky immediately refused him.


Lori had taken off her veil. She was stunning and her temperament was gracious and sophisticated.

"Mister Soar and Mister Ricky." Lori slightly bowed her head in a curtsy.

Her face turned a crimson when she looked up at Soar and met his eyes. She hastily turned away.

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