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   Chapter 860 Anthony’s Trump Card

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7939

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At that point in the fight, both sides were nearly exhausted. They were panting harshly as they stared each other down.

It was like time had paused. The furious battle had come to a standstill as both opponents stood motionless. The creatures that were gathering around murmured to themselves. They wondered if they were both gravely injured and unable to fight.


Suddenly, a tiger roar resounded through the sky. While the enlightenment surged, Anthony transformed into his beast form. It was that of a huge beast, the Burning Sun Holy Tiger.

However, this Burning Sun Holy Tiger was different from the one that Pollard had transformed into. The Burning Sun Holy Tiger Pollard had transformed into was red and black. The two colors were alternating and equally distributed on the body.

Meanwhile, the Burning Sun Holy Tiger that Anthony transformed into was purely red, without any trace of black.

The most noticeable difference between the two Burning Sun Holy Tigers was the pair of wings on Anthony's back.

"I can't believe he has a pair of wings!" The scene caused chaos with all the creatures observing. They were awed and surprised by what they were seeing. They were all familiar with Burning Sun Holy Tigers, but they had never seen a Burning Sun Holy Tiger with a pair of wings.

The human emperor and elf emperor both seemed to be lost in thought.

"Since he is a Burning Sun Holy Tiger with a pair of wings, I'm afraid Anthony's blood power is higher than others in the Burning Sun Holy Tiger tribe," Ricky said to Tina and Pearl.

What he said made sense. With the help of the five zones, he could clearly feel the pure strength of Anthony's blood power was stronger than Pollard's.

"It is said that the White Tiger, a legendary beast, also has a pair of wings. The Burning Sun Holy Tiger is a holy beast. Since he is a Burning Sun Holy Tiger with a pair of wings, it's very likely that he has the blood power of the White Tiger too," Tina surmised logically.

"If that's the case, then it's not surprising that the blood power of Anthony is stronger than that of the other Burning Sun Holy Tigers," Tina continued.

"He has the blood power of the White Tiger? Maybe he has some other trump cards. But now, he has almost used up all his strength, just like me. How can he attack me?" Ricky asked.

Boom! As if in answer to Ri

same time, a huge tiger claw fell from the sky.

The tiger claw was surrounded by the power of the Lava Mutant, but it was not the dominant power of Anthony.

"Let me see what kind of power you have!" Ricky taunted him once again as the Justice Saber in his hand began to buzz.

The five kinds of runes encircled him. He activated the Massacring Mutant and burst out the second level of Ultimate Golden Body. He hurriedly condensed all his power on it.

At the same time, Ricky slightly activated the Devouring Mutant. He did this only because he wanted to figure out what kind of power Anthony was using.

"Massacring Enlightenment! Massacring Holy Pattern! Five-Pattern Strike!"

All the power was wrapped by the Massacring Enlightenment. Ricky's body exploded with five strong patterns that shrank and surrounded the Justice Saber.

The Massacring Holy Pattern could involve not only the strongest defense but also the most powerful attack.


As the saber collided with the tiger claw, bright lights ignited like a thousand fireworks. They paused and held their positions in a tense stalemate.

Ricky used the power of his Devouring Mutant to absorb some of Anthony's power. He began to digest and refine the power he absorbed. He wanted to see what kind of power it was and whether it was evil spirit.

However, Ricky felt something strange from the Justice Saber.

After it made contact with Anthony's current power, the Justice Saber suddenly gave Ricky inexplicable feedback. It was as if the Justice Saber needed something from Anthony's body.

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