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   Chapter 859 Lava Mutant

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8396

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"Massacring Golden Palms!"

Ricky didn't dare to underestimate any of Anthony's attacks, so he immediately broke out his Omnipotent Skill and activated his Ultimate Golden Body to spread out all of his galaxy power.

He had to go all out in his fight against Anthony, knowing that his enemy was at least a second-class completed spiritual king at peak state.

The Massacring Enlightenment surged and transformed into three golden palms. They crashed down immediately and collided with the Burning Sun Claw. One side was the violent force of the burning sun while the other side was the hardest massacring power. The collision was naturally as intense as anyone would have expected.

When the waves erupted, the ripples were torn and shaken by the power of their Omnipotent Skills. Every time they broke out their power, their momentum also rose more and more. When their power had reached their peak, the amount of power they burst out overwhelmed their surroundings.

Even the three emperors were extremely surprised because they were merely first-class completed spiritual kings and they were not as strong as people would expect them to be. If Ricky and Anthony completed their breakthroughs, they wouldn't be able to do anything about them.

At that moment, people from the Human Royal Palace grew more excited while those from the Tiger Royal Palace were starting to feel their doom.

Everything was completely beyond their expectations.

The surrounding creatures were all rendered numb by the strength of Anthony and Ricky that had obviously surpassed Soar's.

Boom! As their momentum reached their peak, they collided fiercely with each other before getting separated. Cracks appeared on Ricky's golden body as blood flowed out of Anthony's wounded exterior.

"Well! Very well! How dare you cause me this pain?!" Anthony shouted as his eyes were filled with malice.

"Cut the crap. Show me your mutant and let me see how powerful it really is. Otherwise, you won't stand a chance against me!" Ricky said with a smile. His tone was full of disdain. He was obviously trying to provoke Anthony.

"Whether you would be able to witness my mutant or not depends on your power!" Anthony replied arrogantly.

He would not be infuriated by Ricky's strength and words. How could there be no real opponents on the road of martial arts! Anthony thought about that for sure. The only thing he needed to do was defeat Ricky once and for all.

"Burning Sun Lava—Burning Light Attack!" The mark betw

ion exploded. The burning destructive power turned into a long spear that was held by Anthony. It then shot towards Ricky in an instant.

Ricky's pupils shrank at the sight of the long spear made of lava. An invisible sense of danger rose in his heart. It was the Destruction Enlightenment power generated by the power of the Lava Enlightenment.

'This Anthony is indeed quite extraordinary. He can manifest the Destruction Enlightenment through the power of the Lava Enlightenment, ' Ricky sighed in his heart.

The other four runes sprang out of Ricky's body and poured themselves into the massacring runes to further elevate the power of the Massacring Mutant.

This time, Ricky did not use his Iron Destroyer. He went for the Justice Saber on his back instead.

There wasn't any power at all on the Justice Saber, but Ricky could clearly feel that it was the better choice between the two.

"Justice Saber! Show me how powerful you really are!" Ricky shouted with the saber in his hand.

He waved his saber as the Massacring Enlightenment was fused with the golden purple galaxy power surging from the second level of Ultimate Golden Body.

"Transferring Formula!"

He slashed his saber as four of the blades fused within the void and whirled like a tornado. The tornado then grew bigger and bigger as it was being grasped tightly by his golden body. It simultaneously slashed at the Lava Spear.

Bang! The next moment, Ricky's saber collided with the Lava Spear, and the collision caused an explosion that crushed everything. Under that impact, Ricky and Anthony were pushed back a few steps. This time, they had an awkward expression on their faces.

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