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   Chapter 858 Confronting Anthony

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"Ha-ha! It seems that Soar has finally won over the heart of Princess Lori." With the help of the Golden Spirit Eyes, Ricky was able to easily observe the changes in Princess Lori's facial expressions.

"He is the Great Dragon, after all," Tina said with a subtle smile on her face. "Nevertheless, I don't think the beasts are willing to let it go. Moreover, Soar's Great Dragon body itself is attracting a lot of their attention."

"Don't worry. If the beasts decide to make a move, the humans will react accordingly. There's no way they'll let go of the opportunity without putting up a fight," Ricky said.

Sure enough, once the other beasts helped Pollard leave, the beast emperor snorted, "Kid, it's just a match. Don't you think you're going a bit too far?"

"If he wasn't beaten so hard that he could hardly move, he wouldn't have admitted defeat. This is not what I want. Moreover, with the cultivation resources of the Tiger Royal Palace, it would take him about a month or two to fully recover. How can you say that I am going too far?" Soar said as he withdrew his power and vigor.

"Beast Emperor, if you need our help, we are more than willing to supply the cultivation resources Pollard needs to recover," said the human emperor as he stepped forward as expected.

"Anyway, it's almost unavoidable to get injured in a battle. Or is it because the genius of the Tiger Royal Palace cannot withstand even this little predicament?"

"Humph!" the beast emperor snorted. "That will not be necessary. We have more than enough cultivation resources to help him recover."

He didn't say anything more. It was not enough of a reason for him to start a fight. Moreover, they had a stronger Anthony on their side. Even if Soar was a Great Dragon, it was impossible for him to defeat Anthony since Soar's full strength had already been revealed to everyone.

"Great Dragon! The legendary Great Dragon! Does this mean our Justice Continent is going to be saved this time?" At that moment, all the creatures around them was encouraged. Many creatures on the Justice Continent had been slaughtered by the devils. They needed a hero, a Justice King to lead them to salvation.

They once placed their

gon himself, he must be a rare genius." The crowd discussed among themselves.

The three emperors were also shocked by what they just saw.

"Where could they have come from?"

"The vast ocean surrounds not only two continents. Although we don't have clear evidence, we all believe that they might have come from some continent far away across the sea."

At that moment, shock and gloom could be seen on the face of Anthony.

"Who are you? What kind of creature are you?" asked Anthony as his fist clenched.

"Fight me. I might tell you if you win!" Ricky said coldly with a heavy look in his eyes. Through the previous confrontation, he was also able to gauge the power of Anthony. That kind of power was absolutely no less than his.

"Your arrogance disgusts me. I will crush you down until you reveal yourself," said Anthony sinisterly.

Tsing! With the slight flash of the red mark in the middle of the Anthony's brows, the Burning Sun Enlightenment in his body surged out and the Ultimate Burning Sun Domain rushed directly towards Ricky.

"Burning Sun Claw!" This time, Anthony immediately launched his Omnipotent Skill. A huge scarlet tiger claw poured down from the sky as if the sharp claw was scratching the chaotic void.

It could be clearly felt that Pollard's claw was not as powerful as the one of Anthony. They were definitely not at the same level!

Pollard's strength and blood power were both significantly weaker than Anthony's either.

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