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   Chapter 856 The Burning Sun Holy Tiger

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7129

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"Soar might find some trouble winning this battle!" Ricky exclaimed.

"Soar a real Great Dragon, but it won't be appropriate to reveal his beast form here. Therefore, it would be a big hit to Soar's overall strength," Tina said.

"But he is not a coward," Ricky murmured.


The torrent-like attacks poured out. Soar's eyes burst out his immense fighting spirit. Behind him was an entire world of fighting spirit full of dragon power.

The flame tiger burst out an angry roar! The real dragon roar echoed through the void. The dragon power pervaded and occupied everything around it.

Buzz! With the dragon power and the dragon roar combined, the blood inside everyone's body trembled violently. Whether they were holy beasts or creatures with strong blood, they all succumbed to the dragon's might.

Even Pollard's veins were trembling.

"How could this be?" With his eyes wide open, Pollard roared in disbelief.

He was a holy beast and his blood power was the strongest in the entire Justice Continent. What could ever make him tremble? Even the blood power of a holy beast couldn't make move him an inch.

But this moment would never happen again.

Everything felt heavy as the dragon power spread out. Disbelief filled Pollard's eyes. As for the other creatures, they all grew numb.

At that moment, they all started to believe that Soar was a genius much stronger than Pollard.

Now that Soar's small victory was over, there was nothing to be surprised about anymore.

At that time, the three emperors could no longer sit still. They also felt the pure blood power of the dragon.

"The blood of the Great Dragon? How could this be possible? How could it be this pure?" The three emperors sighed in their minds and it left the human emperor excited, the beast emperor gloomy, and the elf emperor shocked.

"Has his blood power finally surpassed Pollard's? Could he be my Mr. Right?" Feeling the power of Soar, especially the Great Dragon blood, Lori couldn't suppress her excitement any longer.

"It seems that Soar will no longer hide in the shadows since he already showed everyone the real dr

ng Sun Claw!"

With a thunderous roar, the huge mace hovering over Pollard's head merged directly with the right claw before transforming into the Burning Sun Claw that occupied the entire sky. Countless tiger shadows raised their heads to roar to the heavens.

Boom! The claw fell on the ground.

"Dragon Soul Punishment!" Soar shouted as he burst out his strongest attack as well.

The combination of the Heaven Melting Spear and Soar's body then turned into the Punishment Dragon Claw as the enlightening power surged and collided with the Burning Sun Claw.

However, the Punishment Dragon Claw was beaten down after being locked in a stalemate for a while. Soar was then immediately submerged by Pollard's claw.

This was the difference between his beast form and his human form.

Maybe it only increased a little bit of Soar's strength, but this was already able to decide the result of the battle.

"You're playing with fire right now!" Pollard said coldly at this scene. This was the consequence of looking down on him.

As soon as he finished his words, the Burning Sun Claw charged toward Soar as Pollard tried to smash Soar to pieces and finally put an end to their battle.

"It seems that Soar still refuses to reveal his beast form, but he doesn't have much choice now," Ricky murmured.

Howl! As expected, a pure dragon roar echoed through the skies just after Ricky finished his words.

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