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   Chapter 855 Soar Fighting Pollard

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The fight between Pollard and Cecil ended soon.

No surprises came out of that battle. Cecil had been defeated by no more than a dozen moves from his opponent.

People from the Human Royal Palace were devastated by Cecil's loss. It'd been expected that their warrior might lose, but what they had witnessed was so humiliating.

Even Princess Lori seemed shocked.

In this contest to elect who would have her hand in marriage, she was definitely the most innocent playing part. Even if the human emperor was fond of her, unfortunately, first and foremost she was still just a piece in a chessboard.

Out of the corner of her eye, she looked at Soar. At that moment, perhaps only he, who was yet to show his strength, could be a real match to Anthony and Pollard. And honestly, if she had to choose, she'd prefer marrying the mysterious stranger.

After the end of the battle, there were four strong warriors left: Ricky, Soar, Pollard and Anthony.

Many of the creatures around were found gapping as they'd never thought two strangers would be among the top four.

"I've never seen them before. Who are they?" someone asked.

"Do you think they have a chance against Pollard and Anthony?" A buzz went through the crowd.


As the discussions carried on, the battles began.

Soar, evidently, chose to contend against Pollard.

In the void, Soar and Pollard came face to face. The latter instantly sensed a great pressure coming from Soar, which was actually his strength.

'How come this strange creature makes me feel this way? Is Soar really that powerful?' Pollard thought to himself.

"Well, your name is Pollard, right? I'm Soar." He politely introduced himself. "I'm here to make it clear I'm determined to marry Princess Lori."

As soon as he dropped his words, all people around knitted their eyebrows while staring at him.

They were all thinking the same to themselves. 'How dare this stranger say something like that out loud?'

"Soar is still so arrogant!" Ricky laughed a


"You are so arrogant!" Pollard let out in a cool voice.

Soar intended to affect Pollard with his words, but Pollard would not be affected.

The banter had been short, though. Both of them knew that in battle, strength was the only thing that really mattered.

When their eyes met, lightning flashed and split the air in two. Both sides had completely fallen back into the fighting state of mind.

The indistinct shadows of the fire dragons surrounded the Heaven Melting Spear, corresponding the fierce fighting intent inside Soar. Likewise, the tiger shadow of Pollard began to run madly around the fire sea along with the red mace.

"Fight!" They both roared as they struck at the same moment.

"Burning Sun Enlightenment, I'll take you down with one blow!" Pollard thundered, his aura like a ferocious tiger. His power achieved the strength of a thousand mountains collapsing at once.

The strike happened like a sudden flood.

The creatures around who were weaker than Pollard couldn't help but tremble with fear.

They all could feel an overwhelming pressure, inherent in Pollard's blood.

"It's very likely that Pollard is a holy beast since he shows such blood power," Ricky said, also sensing the pressure.

"You're probably right. Only the holy beast can burst out like this!" Tina nodded in agreement.

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