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   Chapter 854 Powerful Anthony

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Perhaps due to his small frame, Egan could move really fast. The moment the space started to shake, his hands had already drawn a seal. Then, the elf energy surged and shifted into an ingenious flower before evolving into an offensive force, making its way against Anthony.


Meanwhile, the power from Anthony's body rose as an ocean's tide—overbearing and unparalleled.

"Burning Sun Barrier!"

His dark pupils turned red as the scorching Burning Sun Enlightenment condensed and grew as a red barrier around him. He had no reason to fear the flower any longer.

Boom! Upon the collision, the Burning Sun Barrier didn't have a scratch. It only trembled slightly when it was suppressed by the flower. Moreover, the Burning Sun Barrier were still in flames while most of the flower had burnt down instantly.

"How womanish you are! Is that all you've got?" Anthony muttered in a disdainful tone, lightly shaking. The red mark between Anthony's eyebrows was visibly glinting.

'This Anthony must have a mutant, but I'm not sure of what kind, ' Ricky thought to himself.

"He actually forced Egan to retreat!" someone around exclaimed in disbelief.

Everyone was suddenly starting to realize that the power of this genius from the Tiger Royal Palace seemed to go far beyond their expectations.

Surprise filled most of the reactions from those gathered, but there was one person who was extremely unpleasant—the elf emperor. Pretentiously, she had given her word to the beast emperor that Egan wouldn't harm Anthony that much.

Now she realized how stupid she had been.

The beast emperor beamed full of satisfaction, which embarrassed her even more.

The human emperor wasn't thrilled about any of it either. Just one Pollard was a great concern already. And now there was another powerful warrior around—Anthony.


Crack! Crack! As his body slightly retreated, Egan clenched his fists tightly, reflecting the anger in his heart.

He didn't know what else to say. Only after he had successfully defeated Anthony could he have the qualification to say something.

He didn't spare any effort and unl

through the shield. Otherwise, a bit of blood coming out of his mouth would be the least of Egan's problems.

"Unfortunately, I'm not strong enough right now. Or else, you would be already dead," Anthony muttered, shifting into his human self.

He made no attempt to strike again. Frankly, he didn't take Egan seriously enough to waste any more time with him. All he wanted was the name of the Justice King.

"I want you to die!" Egan wasn't ready to let Anthony go. He roared insanely as he reunited his strength to attack.

Anthony paid no attention to it.

He believed the elf emperor wouldn't allow Egan to go very far with it.

And he had been proved right once the angry voice of the elf emperor ordered Egan to retreat.

Reluctantly, Egan still did what the elf emperor told him to. He didn't have the nerve to disobey her.

That way, the battle was officially over.

Egan had been crushed by Anthony's power.

Promptly, everyone started to gossip. They were eager to know how Anthony had become this great warrior in the Tiger Royal Palace. But there wasn't a single soul who had heard of him before.

Furthermore, no one was even sure about the extent of his abilities as he hadn't burst out his mutant power yet.


With the end of this battle, the next was the competition between Pollard and Cecil. There was nothing to be expected from this battle. Its result was already doomed.

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