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   Chapter 850 The Justice Saber

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6627

Updated: 2020-03-06 00:13

On the altar, they saw a saber.

It was seven feet long and very wide, covered with rust spots, somewhat similar to his Iron Destroyer.

There was only divine power in that space.

"A saber!" Ricky exclaimed, unable to contain his excitement. Soar and he exchanged a look.

The two of them carefully walked towards the saber on the altar. There was nothing unusual about it. They could not feel any strange power on the saber, as if it was just ordinary iron.

"Ricky, you've used a saber. Is there anything unusual about this rusty one?" Soar asked. "Since the bronze gate brought us here, there must be a reason behind this."

"I can't feel it, nor can I guess what exactly is going on here," Ricky said, confusion reflecting on his face. "There is no power on this saber, even inferior to the most common mortal weapon."

With these words, he picked it up to examine it further.

The saber seemed to have instantly regained its spiritual energy. The rusty spots on it faded rapidly, and it emitted a strong white light. This light was so powerful that it appeared to pierce through the space around it.

The sudden change attracted attention their attention.

They still couldn't feel any power from the saber.

However, the bright light gave them a sense of justice and judgment.

"Ricky, look!" Soar pointed out.

It turned out that there was a small hole below the saber, which was exactly the saber's size and shape. The saber seemed to be something like a key to open the altar.

Without any delay, Ricky inserted the saber into the thin hole.

Buzz! Immediately, the whole altar transformed, with divine power spreading all over. A shadow appeared from nowhere.

A strapping figure came into view. It gave Ricky and Soar a feeling that the figure could look down at the heaven, earth and everything else. It seemed powerful and all-knowing. They couldn't see the figure's face clearly, but they could see his forehead.

There were three saber m

the spiritual energy and the evil spirit.

"Ricky, the evil spirit is quite strong here. It seems that there are many devils here. Our mission should be to deal with these devils, so that we can get the Justice Saber Soul," Soar said.

"I just don't know what the Justice Saber Soul is like," Ricky murmured.

Moving further, they left the plains and headed for the depth of the area enveloped by spiritual energy.

As they went deeper into the area, they encountered many cities and towns.

Here, almost all creatures were armed to the teeth, preparing for battle.

Similar to the Justice Town, there was no exception to living beings here. They were all innate spiritual kings, but only about 90% of them were lower spiritual kings.

In order to hide their identities, the two of them dressed up awkwardly and sneaked into these cities to inquire things from the locals.

Finally, they found out something.

This continent was called the Justice Continent where various kinds of creatures lived. The three races dominating it were humans, beasts and elves.

Among these three great races, humans were the real rulers, as they were the strongest of all. The Human Royal Palace established by humans was also the highest power on the Justice Continent, and all living beings had to obey their rules.

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