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   Chapter 845 Fighting Together Like Brothers

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8195

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All the blood black maces blew up. The attacks from the two men devastated their opponents. As a result of their momentum, the Black Blood Zombie Queen started to retreat ashamedly.

"How could this happen?" the Black Blood Zombie Queen lamented. She was reeling from how quickly the situation had changed. She had been winning earlier but now she was losing badly.

She could not grasp how powerful Ricky and Soar were. Their strength had improved so rapidly that it was shocking.

"Ricky, let's kill the Black Blood Zombie Queen together!" Soar called cheerfully as he flew in the air.

"Soar, you have finally turned into the body of the Great Dragon!" Ricky said excitedly.

"Ricky, we are like brothers. We don't have to say sentimental things to each other to know that we care but I still want to thank you from the bottom of my heart." Ricky was flustered when he heard this. He scratched the back of his head awkwardly.

Their eyes met and they laughed boisterously together.

"Ha-ha! Show me how powerful you are now, Great Dragon!" Ricky laughed.

Inadvertently, Ricky and Soar were ignoring the Black Blood Zombie Queen.

When they turned back to her, the Black Blood Zombie Queen took an uncertain step back unconsciously. She stared back at them darkly as they turned her way. Her body darkened and surged with blood as her aura reached its peak.

Her eyes stayed on the men as they posed grave threats to her.

"Go!" The Black Blood Zombie Queen's voice echoed through the whole area.

Howl! Howl! As soon as they heard her voice, the remaining Black Blood Zombies forgot their fear and panic. They all roared and rushed towards Ricky and Soar.

"Ricky, look at the power of a Great Dragon!" Soar said with a smile as he beheld the group of Black Blood Zombies that were rushing towards them.

Swish! Soar rushed into the crowd of the Black Blood Zombies. He activated the dragon power that spread quickly. Under the impact of his real power as a Great Dragon, the Black Blood Zombies would easily fall.

Soar activated his Indestructible Fighting Spirit once again. He burst out eight moves of dragon at the same time that transformed into eight spears. Surrounded by the Heaven Melting Fire, the eight spears rushed to the crowd of the Black Blood Zombies.

Puff! Puff! A thin layer of black blood crawled on the ground. After a series of screeches, all the Black Blood Zombies fell to the ground.

rce attacks, neither the Black Blood Zombie Queen nor the Venomous Blood Worm noticed Soar's attack.

"Indestructible Fighting Spirit! Dragon's Soul! Dragon's Spear!"

Under the overwhelming fighting spirit, the Heaven Melting Spear merged with Soar's matchless power. Soar pushed the Heaven Melting Spear towards the Black Blood Zombie Queen and the Venomous Blood Worm. Wherever it passed, a huge fire dragon passage was formed.

Crack! The blood black shield successfully withstood two attacks from Ricky but had become very fragile in its wake. It was pierced through by the Heaven Melting Spear easily, which traveled straight to the Black Blood Zombie Queen.


At this time, the Venomous Blood Worm roared. Its huge body spiraled up and spat endless zombie energy to defend against Soar's attack.

However, the Venomous Blood Worm was no longer a match for Soar. Even if it wanted to defend the Black Blood Zombie Queen, it could not overpower Soar.

The Heaven Melting Spear, surrounded by the fierce flame, crashed all the defenses of the Venomous Blood Worm and pierced through its huge body.

"Galaxy Saber Skill! Transferring Formula!"

As soon as Soar's attack ended, Ricky's Iron Destroyer slashed against the enemies. Immediately, four rotating golden purple blades crossed the passageway in midair and fell from four sides of the Venomous Blood Worm.

Puff! Puff!

Under the joint attack of Ricky and Soar, the Venomous Blood Worm was cut into five pieces and fell heavily on the ground.

Now that the Venomous Blood Worm was dead, the Black Blood Zombie Queen had lost a capable assistant.

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