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   Chapter 842 The Death Threat

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7713

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"How dare you threaten me! You're inviting death!"

the Black Blood Zombie Queen said in a cold tone, while her entire body was covered with a terrible flame of lightning. Ricky's Heaven Illuminating Fire also danced along her curves. She looked a bit afraid. The faint fear reflected in her eyes gave her away.

Fortunately for her, Ricky's strength was not strong enough. Otherwise, he could have killed her just by burning her with the Heaven Illuminating Fire.

She took a step to elevate herself and flew towards Ricky with a goal in her mind. She had decided to kill Ricky first, considering he had survived her strike. He even tried to devour her. In her world, the only appropriate punishment for him was death.

"Ricky! Stand up! You can't be defeated like this," Soar roared aloud.

Soar was also a mess. He was struggling with the Venomous Blood Worm originating from the Black Blood Corpse.

Each time he attacked it with his sharp teeth and the Heaven Melting Spear, he was blocked by the disgusting and thick blood of the Venomous Blood Worm. Although, he had his dragon scales for protection, the Venomous Blood Worm could still bite him. It ended up leaving some ghastly wounds on Soar's body.

His attack with the Heaven Melting Fire also turned out to be useless. After all, the power of his Heaven Melting Fire was in conformity to his own strength.

Swish! Swish! Suddenly, the Venomous Blood Worm began to speed up. It circled around Soar and threw him away with an overpowering force.

Soar crashed the ground with a loud bang.

"Humph! Come out, my zombie energy enlightenment and form the blood net for me!"

The giant Venomous Blood Worm broke out its attack. Embraced by the zombie energy enlightenment, its cold blood surged and condensed into a huge net, shrouding towards Soar.

Soar didn't have time to dodge it when the net fell to the ground.

"Heaven Melting Pagoda!" Soar had no other choice but to shout Alva's name aloud to summon the Heaven Melting Pagoda.

Boom! Boom! The Heaven Melting Fire on the Heaven Melting Spear burned again. It then turned into the Heaven Melting Pagoda which directly covered Soar. As a result, the blood net just covered the Heaven Melting Pagoda and Soar took refuge there.

The blood net tended to shrink after cap

"Space-shrinking Pace!" With his Golden Light Flash and his Space-shrinking Pace, Ricky's speed was almost at par with that of a first-class completed spiritual king at his best.

He reached for Soar at once, grabbed his arm and stepped back.

Boom! Boom!

Everything collapsed and everything was destroyed, right before their eyes. The Black Blood Zombie Queen attacked.

"How is he so fast!" the Black Blood Zombie Queen could not help but sigh upon seeing the scene, Perhaps, it was not until now that she became really serious, because what Ricky and Soar had done was really beyond her expectation. She also understood that Ricky's power was far greater than that of Soar.

"Your speed is indeed fast, but it doesn't matter. After my next attack, you two will merely become my strength nutrients!"

Swish! Swish!

The next moment, a lot of blood black whips appeared in the hands of the Black Blood Zombie Queen. The whips were lashed into the air with zombie energy surrounding them.

Once those whips began floating in the air, they connected and finally formed a huge black blood net.

Ricky could feel that every bit in the black blood net was filled with the power of the Black Blood Zombie Queen at peak state.

"You will turn into the blood essence in this black blood net!"

As the net quickly became smaller, Ricky's and Soar's defenses were crushed in an instant. Soon, the two warriors were unable to move under the black blood net.

The feeling of death permeated in the hearts of the two warriors.

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