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   Chapter 841 The Fight Against The Black Blood Zombie Queen

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7169

Updated: 2020-03-02 00:03

Boom! Once Ricky had delivered his words, the devouring runes broke out and dominated the four mutants.

"Omnipotent Devouring Skill—Evil Devouring Mouth!"

Drawing a seal with his hands, the space behind Ricky had turned into the sea of devouring. Soon, it evolved into endless devouring runes before it was condensed into a giant devil's mouth. When Ricky lowered both his palms, the giant devil's mouth mirrored the movement, swallowing five corpses in one gulp.

"You think too highly of yourself! How dare you to devour my Venomous Blood Worms!" The leading zombie had just been gobbled by the Evil Devouring Mouth. Yet his tone has been disdainful and confident.

"Really?" Ricky responded coldly as his voice became heavier.

Ricky's body completely turned into a Devouring Mutant—now merged with the Devourer Zone.

Then, he burst out his extreme devouring power and shifted into the devouring runes before integrating with the Devourer Zone behind him. At last, he absorbed the five blood corpses in the Evil Devouring Mouth.

In the air, the ball of blood began to shrink little by little.

In the blood sea, the leading zombie's confident voice gave room to a shriek of horror soon to completely disappear.

Once the blood sea had vanished, it turned into the Devouring Mutant. As for the leading zombie, there was no trace left. He had been completely devoured by the Evil Devouring Mouth and refined by the Devourer Zone.

Faintly, Ricky's momentum had improved.

Ricky and Soar glanced at one another and then turned to the Black Blood Zombie Queen with gloomy eyes.

"Ricky, let me and Pearl out. This is a life and death battle. Even with our lives at stake, we just don't want to die in here," Tina pleaded.

"I have a feeling that as long as there is the divine power present, I won't be able to let Doris' spiritual hologram out of my flying boat."

"Tina, I haven't given up yet, and I'm not about to think of death right now. If I come to face it, then I may fear it and release you from the Massacring Zone before I go to the netherworld!" Ricky responded.

Then, Ricky and Soar started to approach

st, a golden light was suddenly shot out. Ricky was again wrapped up by his second level of Ultimate Golden Body.

"He's still alive!" At the sight of Ricky, the Black Blood Zombie Queen's face went dark. She couldn't believe Ricky had survived her attack. Actually, she was furious he did.

"In this battle, you'll be the only one dying!" Ricky responded coldly.


Ricky had barely shut his mouth before a blood red whip turned up in the Black Blood Zombie Queen's possession. As fast as she could, she lashed it towards him.

"Space-shrinking Pace!" The whip wasn't quick enough to do him any harm. Before the Black Blood Zombie Queen could have foreseen, Ricky was already on top of her.

"Devouring Omnipotent Skill—Evil Devouring Mouth!"

His body evolved into the Devourer Zone and then became an even bigger Evil Devouring Mouth, which gulped the Black Blood Zombie Queen at once.

Instantly, Ricky suppressed her with the power of the four zones as the Heaven Illuminating Fire burned fiercely.

However, the power gap was great. Some Omnipotent Skills wouldn't be able make up for it.

As soon as the huge Evil Devouring Mouth shrank, it also began to rise involuntarily until it suddenly blew up. Then, it turned into countless devouring runes that hovered in the air.

While Ricky, under the rising power, was ruthlessly dropped, he didn't stabilized as he rolled on the ground for a while.

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