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   Chapter 840 Soar's Power Burst

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8963

Updated: 2020-03-01 00:13

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Every time Ricky made a slashing motion, a Black Blood Zombie would be chopped to pieces. The flames would then spread, instantly burning the body of the Black Blood Zombie to a crisp until it turned into ashes. As for Soar, every shot he released would cause a sea of fire, and the Black Blood Zombies would be burnt as well.

The ferocity of both Ricky and Soar could be likened to the strength and tenacity of fierce tigers rushing into the crowd.

It only took Ricky and Soar an hour to eliminate half of the Black Blood Zombies.

"You're all useless idiots! I have harnessed your powers for so many days, and yet you have proven that all my effort has been a waste all this time! You all deserve to die!" The Black Blood Zombie Queen screeched with fury after witnessing her Black Blood Zombies get killed off so easily one by one.

"Don't be angry, my queen. I will kill them all!" The leading zombie stepped forward, upset that the Black Blood Zombie Queen was furious and disappointed at how the tables had turned against them.

"Well, you have devoured a lot of power this month. I hope you don't disappoint me. If, in the middle of your battle, you end up needing a hand from me, then your participation would be useless," the Black Blood Zombie Queen spat coldly and crossed her arms.

"Queen, you can be rest assured that I will not fail you!"

The leading zombie rushed towards Ricky. Meanwhile, the other four Black Blood Zombies who were third-class completed spiritual kings at peak state rushed towards Soar.

It could be sensed that their power had increased at least tenfold.

"So, the other four of you are still here. I'm not just stopping you this time," Soar yelled, watching as the other four Black Blood Zombies made their way to his direction once again.

While the Heaven Melting Fire surged, the number of red scales on Soar's body increased, and the scales became solidified even more.

The four Black Blood Zombie were divided into four sides at the same time. The zombie aura mixed together and turned into cold blood. The blood transformed into black blood claws with Venomous Blood Worms inside them. The claws were ravaging with killing intent and they tried to tear Soar apart.

"Dragon power!" With an ear-shattering roar, the Heaven Melting Fire exploded around Soar's body. As it burned, the figures of the eight Heaven Melting Dragons appeared.

The emergence of the eight Heaven Melting Dragons was joined by a series of loud howls. The area seemed to be submerged in an endless amount of dragon power.

The way the zombies trembled before the dragons was clear and visible as daylight. They were so

, all beaten up and yet it seems that you can still fight!" Ricky laughed and placed a hand on his hip.

The fight between Ricky and the head of the leading zombie had also dissipated and came to a halt. Both of them had been injured.

This month really showcased a dramatic spike in the strength of the two warriors.

"Of course, bro. I can fight ten more. I'm only getting warmed up," Soar chuckled confidently.

"Well, I'll be facing the leading zombie head-on now. I'll make sure to pummel it to pieces. Once I'm done, then let's kill the Black Blood Zombie Queen together," Ricky said with fierce determination.

"Ha-ha! Sure. I can hardly wait," Soar replied with a hearty laughter and renewed strength after he was able to slightly recover from his injuries.

"Human! How dare you say that!?" The leading zombie said in a hoarse voice after he heard the shameless and brazen conversation that his enemies just had.


As soon after he called them out, the disgusting black blood on the leading zombie's body oozed like crazy, before a faint sea of blood formed.

"Go to hell!"

As he screamed, the leading zombie's body was also submerged within the blood sea. The stream of blood condensed, transforming into Black Blood Zombies. Altogether, the Black Blood Zombies roared. There were about five large Black Blood Zombies that were congealed like poisonous insects. All of the ghastly creatures surrounded the Black Blood Zombies.

The enemy then revealed the blood black claws, and they attempted to get a tight hold of Ricky.

"Go to hell!"

The five Black Blood Zombies continued to roar collectively.

"Humph! Let's wait and see about that!" Ricky responded cockily, with his momentum steadily rose, it reached the extremes of its limits.

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