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   Chapter 837 The Black Blood Zombie

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7742

Updated: 2020-02-29 00:03

At the same time, Ricky began to launch his next attack.

Since the leading zombie had already recognized that it was the Heaven Illuminating Fire, it was impossible for the move to defeat him.

"Ocean of Zombie Blood!"

As the leading zombie shouted, his ferocious eyes turned red. Black blood spurted from his ten fingers which was transformed into thick black blood under the zombie energy.

After the black and red blood were mixed together, they were able to resist the Heaven Illuminating Fire that exploded in an instant. The Space Splitting Cage exploded as well. The leading zombie rushed out in an instant. It formed a claw of the blood ocean and immediately went for Ricky.

"Ricky, now I understand what these zombies are," Tina said with her internal power.

"Tina, are zombies categorized?" Ricky asked.

"Of course, just like how human beings are of different bloodlines," Tina responded.

"If I'm not mistaken, these zombies are the zombies of highest level. They are also known as the Black Blood Zombies."

"The Black Blood Zombies?"

"There are a blood ocean inside a Black Blood Zombie's body. They can refine all kinds of human blood in any moment and merge the power of the blood with themselves to evolve," Tina explained further.

"No wonder these guys are so difficult to deal with," Ricky said in a cold voice.

"But let's see what I'm about to do next!"

As soon as he finished his words, Ricky immediately burst out his energy. In the Chaotic Fire Mutant, there had already been a Gale Mutant being formed. When the two mutants merged, the chaotic fire runes and the gale runes also became one.

The raging power and the gale power swept around as they condensed into small light balls in Ricky's palms.

"Gale Flaming Strike!"

He made two palms and two small light balls burst out in an instant. At the same time, Ricky retreated as fast as he could.


The next moment, the two small light balls collided with the bloody claws from the leading zombie. The endless rumbling echoed through the skies as the whole area was submerged by the explosion as if it was about to burst into chaos.

Roar! Within the fog, the leading zombie let out a deafening cry.

"What great power indeed! The Gale Flaming Strike is truly remarkable!" Hearing the mise

bie were submerged by the fog as well.

After a long while, the fog receded and the disgusting Venomous Blood Worms could be seen scattered on the ground. They were all suppressed and burned by the flaming lotus. The body of the leading zombie had been pierced by the Golden Light Arrows one after the other.

At that moment, Ricky was finally able to hurt the leading zombie heavily.

"How could this be possible? How is all of this possible? How could your eyes explode with such intensity?" At that time, the leading zombie began to fear Ricky.

It saw that Ricky's attacks were capable of hurting it and could cost it its life.

Not only did the flaming lotus burn up all the Venomous Blood Worms the leading zombie had, it also burned the wounds that it got from the Golden Light Arrows.

"Nothing is impossible. I have used all of my strength and now, you must die!" Ricky said coldly.

"Space-shrinking Pace!"

After channeling his galaxy power with his Iron Destroyer in hand. He used the flames to surround the devouring power in his hand, Ricky unleashed his power once again with the Space-shrinking Pace. After a while, he appeared behind the leading zombie and hacked at him ferociously.

The leading zombie didn't have time to react to his sudden attack. Although it was able to see Ricky coming, it was already too late for it to defend in any way.

Howl! However, at that time, a sharp and piercing sound echoed through the skies. The sound even caused the Iron Destroyer that was in Ricky's hand to vibrate.

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