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   Chapter 835 Fighting Zombies

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"People with Venomous Blood Worms in their bodies will be controlled by the owner of the worms," Tina explained.

"Really? I see. It seems that all of the people in the Justice Town are under the control of the people from the Zheng Clan," Ricky murmured.

"I'm afraid the people from the so-called Zheng Clan are not human beings at all," Tina said. Ricky and others all turned to her in surprise.

"They are not human beings?!" Ricky and the others were all astonished. "If they are not human beings, what are they?"

"To be exact, the other people in this town are not human either. They are all called zombies. This is because Venomous Blood Worms can only be produced by zombies using their bodies."

"Zombies?" Ricky, Pearl, and Soar were further astonished by Tina's words. They certainly had heard about zombies, but they didn't think the people in the town looked like zombies. They didn't see any trace of zombies in the people in the town.

"Tina, are you sure they are all zombies?" Ricky asked in disbelief.

"If I am right and these worms are Venomous Blood Worms, then the people from the Zheng Clan must be real zombies while the others in the town are fake zombies. Once the Venomous Blood Worms are removed from their bodies, the fake zombies will turn back into normal humans," Tina explained.

"We have to kill those real zombies because all their power comes from human beings.

They seem to be feeding on the other people here. Zombies can also completely hide their zombie auras and disguise themselves as human warriors."

None of them breathed a word. They were listening intently even though what Tina was saying was unbelievable.

"Zombies also can cultivate. However, they can't absorb spiritual energy from heaven and earth by themselves since they are already dead. The only way for them to absorb spiritual energy is through living humans."

"So they use Venomous Blood Worms to absorb spiritual energy from living humans?" Ricky asked.

"Yes. Zombies use their blood as food to nourish Venomous Blood Worms. If human beings eat these Venomous Blood Worms, they will be under the control of the zombies. Once human beings are controlled, the Venomous Blood Worms will absorb the

k out his Iron Destroyer and condensed the galaxy power of the flames. Then, he wielded his saber at the zombies.

Bang! The sound of metal as it collided against gold rang out. The Iron Destroyer surrounded by the galaxy flames crashed with the right hand of the leading zombie.

The shock force forced Ricky and the leading zombie to retreat. Ricky was forced to retreat around hundreds of meters while the leading zombie retreated only about ten meters.

Buzz! Ricky's Iron Destroyer vibrated violently due to the impact.

"What a body! What powerful strength!" Ricky uttered in disbelief.

His strike was resisted by the leading zombie with his bare hands. However, the only damage he inflicted to the zombie was a cut on the leading zombie's hand.

Nevertheless, the Chaotic Fire Mutant was very powerful. The strong flame power still made the leading zombie very uncomfortable.

"The body of a zombie can be condensed by the darkest flesh and blood. It will be very difficult to damage it," Tina explained.

"Wow! His body was born strong!" Ricky murmured.

The last kind of opponent he wanted to fight against was an opponent with a strong physical body. If he couldn't break through the defense, how could he win?

Roar! As the leading zombie roared, the other four zombies surrounded Ricky. Apparently, they realized that Ricky's Chaotic Fire Mutant was not easy to deal with.

"Soar, I think it's time for you to come out now," Ricky murmured discreetly.

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