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   Chapter 834 The Venomous Blood Worms

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7025

Updated: 2020-02-27 00:13

Ricky approached a middle-aged man and asked respectfully, "Sir, where are you going?"

"Young man, did you come from somewhere else?" Ricky nodded politely.

"Yes, sir. I like traveling so I came here and saw you all..." Ricky trailed off and motioned to where all the people were walking to.

"You see, you are in Justice Town right now. The members of the Zheng Clan in our town give us pills for cultivation every few days. The pills are very good quality. After taking them, we feel refreshed and energetic for several days. We feel that our lifespan has been extended too.

Sorry but I have to go and get some pills, buddy!" After that, the middle-aged man left with hasty steps.

"Justice Town, Zheng Clan, pills..." Ricky murmured as he thought about what the man had said.

"Why do I feel that they don't know the martial world, nor do they know that they are all innate spiritual kings?" Ricky asked himself, confused.

"Ricky, use the power of your zones to hide your realm and follow them to check it out," Soar suggested.

Ricky hid his breath with the devouring runes. He now appeared as a lower spiritual king. With cautious steps, he followed the people to where they were going.

Amidst a throng of people, he saw a middle-aged man in cyan. He was with a group of people who were distributing pills to the civilians.

Ricky entered the crowd since he also wanted to get the pills. He was wondering if these pills really had the effect that the man had said earlier.

Ricky found that although these people looked strong, there were physically weak. They were innate spiritual kings but they were not even as strong as the warriors of Bone Reinforcement.

When it was Ricky's turn to get the pills, he was able to come closer. He found that the middle-aged man in cyan was a second-class completed spiritual king. The warriors who were with him were all completed spiritual kings and four of them were about to break through and become second-class completed spiritual kings.

Ricky could also feel that they were real warriors not like the people who took the pill

d his Golden Spirit Eyes. He also used his devouring runes and extracted something from the pills.

He gasped in disgust as he saw black worms as thick as hair.

A disgusting and bloody smell came from these black worms.

They could also see that these tiny worms were spitting out thick and black blood.

"They're disgusting. Ricky, it's lucky that you didn't eat it. Ugh, it makes me sick just by looking at them."

Ricky rolled his eyes at Soar's dramatic flair. "Cut the crap. We need to know what they are."

They observed the worms carefully but soon gave up when they could not recognize them.

Soar and Pearl shook their heads in dismay.

"Tina, do you have any idea?" Ricky asked.

Among all of them, Tina was the most knowledgeable one.

"In the records of our clan, I have seen worms that look very similar to these ones. They are the Venomous Blood Worms."

"The Venomous Blood Worms?" Ricky and the others were confused with what Tina had said. They had never heard of Venomous Blood Worms.

"It's said that the Venomous Blood Worms were very rare. They were last recorded many years ago according to our clan's records. I didn't expect to see them here," Tina explained hesitantly.

"What are Venomous Blood Worms? What can they do?" Ricky asked urgently. If they were as dangerous as they sounded, then the people who had taken the pills were in grave danger!

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