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   Chapter 833 A Mysterious Town

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8507

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"Oh, I see. Then I guess the white flags are the keys to the so-called Divine Manor, right?" Ricky asked in a flat tone after he heard Soar's statement.

"That's right. The white flags are the keys to the Divine Manor. Each white flag can open a different passage to the Divine Manor. I found this out from the information I got from a white flag."

As he said that, Soar took out a white flag.

It was not a simple white flag. Its white color looked so clean and pure that they could not figure out what it was made of. It felt as if it was in its own space.

"Wow, I feel a familiar power," Ricky said. As soon as Soar pulled out the white flag, he could sense the familiar power that it was saturated with.

"Ricky, the power you can feel coming off the white flag is the divine power. Do you feel it too? It proves the true existence of the Divine Manor. Each flag can be used to open up a passage to the Divine Manor, so people from the Great Wisteria Dynasty and the Array Sect will also be able to enter the Divine Manor."

Ricky nodded at this piece of information. He studied the flag closer, amazed.

"Which Array Sect is it? The Southern Array Sect or the Northern Array Sect?" Ricky asked.

"I don't know." Soar shook his head and shrugged. He wished he knew more but the information he received was very limited.

"Then do you know when and where the Divine Manor will appear?" Ricky asked curiously.

"Ricky, the Divine Manor will appear in the center of the Black Wind Abyss. That's how I discovered the existence of the Black Wind Abyss. It was also how my long-standing feud with the warriors from the Great Wisteria Dynasty started. As for the time when the Divine Manor will appear, the white flag can sense it. At present, it senses that the Divine Manor will appear in about a month,"

Soar explained patiently. His eyes looked unfocused as he seemed to be remembering previous events.

"I see. Well, we cannot do anything but wait. After one month, we will see whether the words about the so-called Divine Manor is true or false," Ricky murmured. Although his tone was still stained with disbelief, his eyes told a different story. There was a growing excitement that peeked from within.

"Whether it's true or false, it will be a greater opportunity than the Sense of Realm." Pearl sounded doubtful but still hopeful for the good opportunity that had presented itself upon them.

"By the way, Ricky, have you won the Sense of Realm?" Soar asked innocently, too innocently in Ricky's opinion. He onl

at he thought were humans.

They looked like human beings and as Ricky got closer, he realized that they were truly human beings. They seemed to be walking in a hurry towards the depths of the street. Ricky followed them with his eyes as his brows scrunched up in confusion.

"Is it because the divine power is everywhere in this space? Is that why I could not feel anything when I was far away?" Ricky wondered to himself. This did not bode well especially if he was not able to detect danger around him.

"Ricky, how strong are these people?" Soar asked. He, Tina and Pearl also saw the scene from the Massacring Zone.

Ricky had not felt the human beings' power until he heard Soar's question. He was taken aback when he found that all the people, including some children who were only a few years of age, were innate spiritual kings.

"How could this be possible? They are all innate spiritual kings. It is the same with the children!" Ricky said in shock. He repeatedly checked but the results were the same. Either they were ridiculously strong or there was something wrong with his senses now.

"What?!" When they heard Ricky's words, the three people inside the Massacring Zone were all shocked.

"Are you sure, Ricky?" Soar asked in disbelief.

"Why would I lie to you?" Ricky answered. "But I am curious about something."


"Although they are all spiritual kings, they are all lower spiritual kings. I have looked carefully but there are no middle spiritual king. And their auras are very weak,"

Ricky murmured. Somehow they could not make sense of what they were seeing. They seemed to have landed in a strange town that got stranger as more time passed.

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