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   Chapter 829 The Heavenly Meridian

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The heavenly power gathered at the Explosion Core. After reaching a certain extreme state, the Explosion Core seemed ready to explode. With a powerful buzz, a heart-shaped ball of light appeared.

The light ball contained the purest and densest heavenly power. Ricky also felt another invisible force.

There was no doubt that the ball of light was exactly a Sense of Realm.

Without hesitation, Ricky absorbed the Sense of Realm into the Massacring Zone with the help of his spiritual energy as soon as the Sense of Realm appeared.

"I've obtained the first Sense of Realm!" Ricky exclaimed. He had never felt such raw joy and excitement.

Boom! As Ricky took the Sense of Realm away, the whole area of the Explosion Core began shaking, and roaring magma gushed down. It was obvious that the Explosion Core area was going to be closed because the Sense of Realm was taken away.

Ricky didn't dare stay any longer. He entered the Massacring Zone together with Pearl. They left immediately.

"Pearl, if you refine the Sense of Realm, can you break through and become a completed spiritual king?" Ricky asked, standing in the Massacring Zone.

"I won't need that much. I think one third of the Sense of Realm will be enough," Pearl answered flatly.

"Well, if that's the case, we can refine the heavenly power in the Sense of Realm together. You can get the Heavenly Meridian in the Sense of Realm by yourself. I will look for another Sense of Realm, or I can get the Heavenly Meridian from somebody else," Ricky said.

"After your spiritual meridian and the Heavenly Meridian merge together, you will cultivate faster on the Void Tree. That way, it will be very easy for you and me to get the Heavenly Meridian from somewhere else by working together."

Pearl was genuinely shocked by the sincerity in Ricky's voice.

The most precious part of a Sense of Realm that had been baptized was not the pure heavenly power in it but the Heavenly Meridian in it.

The so-called Heavenly Meridian was like the spiritual meridian of a creature. It was formed by the heavens. So far, there had only been one way for any creature to obtain it, and that was by obtaining the Sense of Realm.

Only when a creature got the Heavenly Meridian and merged it with his own spiritual meridian could he really be recognized by the heaven and earth, qualified to make a breakthrough and become an innate spiritual emperor, and also be able to use the heavenly power.

The Heavenly Meridian was the only key for cre

extraordinary spiritual meridian! Eight-star! That means you're qualified to be my—"

Before he could finish his sentence, he felt Pearl's cold, sharp gaze slashing at his face like phantom blades of ice, so he dared not say anything more.

"Tina, what about yours?" Ricky asked, turning his gaze upon Tina.

"Nine-star, low grade," Tina responded flatly as if it was nothing.

"Oh, my God, Tina! You have a nine-star spiritual meridian?" Pearl exclaimed. She was shocked to hear such information. Although she knew that Tina's talent had been overshadowed by the evil spirit, she had never imagined that Tina would possess the nine-star spiritual meridian.

"Awesome," Ricky mused. "You can be my woman in that case." He didn't dare say anything like that to Pearl, but with Tina, he didn't hesitate. Pearl didn't particularly appreciate his brand or timing of humor, and Tina was less likely to bite his head off over a bad joke.

Tina blushed at Ricky's comment while Pearl looked at Ricky with her cold stare once again.

"What about your spiritual meridian?" Pearl asked Ricky. Beside her, Tina also waited for Ricky's answer.

"You won't believe me," Ricky said seriously.

"Really?" Pearl snapped back with more mockery than she had intended. "Is it the legendary holy meridian or the sacred meridian that hasn't appeared in ages?" Pearl and Tina grew more curious every second Ricky delayed his answer. Pearl crossed her arms while Tina just stared. It made Ricky a tad uncomfortable.

"To tell you the truth, I don't know what level my spiritual meridian is," Ricky said with a faint smile, watching the two women's shoulders slump in disappointment.

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