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   Chapter 827 Pills Wouldn't Work Anyway

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7882

Updated: 2020-02-24 00:03

Mixed with the blood essence, the five shadows seemed to have transformed into solid bodies that quickly darted to five different directions. Within a few seconds, they tore Ricky's domain and rushed toward Ricky ferociously.

"Flame Torrent!" Ricky shouted as he activated his Omnipotent Chaotic Fire Skill. His eyes were terrifying in their intensity.

Ricky's chaotic fire runes instantly evolved into five crimson passages as Ricky's body turned into a torrent of flame and divided into five streams. Each of them merged with a certain type of fire and rushed toward Clark's five shadows.

Boom! Boom!

The next moment, Ricky's five torrents of flame collided with Clark's five shadows. The sacred fire and peculiar fire chased away Clark's shadows until they all disappeared. The strong toxins they had emitted could not identify Ricky's position. They swirled about uselessly in the air.

Boom! Boom! After a while, all the toxins were overcome by Ricky's torrents of flame. The five torrents of flame combined and rushed toward Clark forcefully.

Clark stood there with widened eyes and fear began to creep in his mind as his attacks were neutralized.

He did not have much time to fear though, because he had to resist with all his might. Therefore, Clark formed his last strength to withstand the Flame Torrents from Ricky but all his efforts were in vain. As they crashed against him, Clark was thrown into the lake of fire.

The chaotic fire runes flared and Ricky turned into his original human shape again.

"Is he dead?" Tina asked Ricky from the Massacring Zone.

"I doubt it. He is a completed spiritual king, after all. Don't worry. Even if he doesn't die, I am sure that he has no power to fight again," Ricky replied and assured Tina.

Swish! As soon as Ricky finished his words, a figure burst out from the magma-filled lake. Ricky was right. It was Clark. He was alive but he appeared like he was on his last legs. His clothes were tattered and his body was wounded gravely.

To top that off, it seemed that the effect of the Fire-resisting Pill was wavering and about to disappear.

"Old man, how are you feeling now? Maybe you should make this easier for yourself and just die!" Ricky said in a menacing tone.

He let his momentum surge again. He was ready to end this battle.

"No!" Clark roared angrily like a

ills, you have reached the limit of a third-class upper spiritual king, am I right?"

Tina reminded Ricky.

"That's right. My next step is to become a second-class upper spiritual king," Ricky said seriously with a determined look. "When that time comes, I will not be the weakest one among the spiritual kings inside this Heavenly Void."

"What are you going to do with the warriors of the Ling Clan?" Tina asked curiously.

"That is a difficult problem. Should I kill them or not?" Ricky hesitated as he thought about what he could do with them.

Ricky could easily kill them. He could just throw all of them into the burning lava but that seemed like a waste.

"Maybe you can make them work for you," Pearl suddenly suggested. "Aren't you able to drive out toxins? As long as you explain the reason to them and help them drive out toxins, I'm sure they will trust you and work for you."

"You are right, Pearl. That's a good idea. But I think I'd better let them stay in the spiritual space tool for a while. It would be better for me to cure them after they realize that the pills that they took were poisonous.

For now, all we need to do is wait for the Sense of Realm. Finally! I'm going to get the first Sense of Realm very soon!"

Ricky turned to the Explosion Core in his excitement. He wondered, 'How long will it take for the Sense of Realm to reveal itself from the Explosion Core? I'm looking forward to it!'

Ricky settled down nearby and started cultivating to pass the time. He waited patiently for the Sense of Realm to reveal itself.

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